The company is located in: Impotence It is a common occurrence male Male body disease . Men suffer from the disease, not only affect the normal life of the two sexes, but also affect the self-esteem of men. Therefore impotence, must be promptly treatment . In order to effectively treat the disease, in addition to daily medication, good health care is also very important. In many cases, life is not refractory to disease, but because of the mentality of the sick can not be let go, they always feel what is the same as the incurable disease. Although impotence is a common disease in men, it is not easy to treat. Lead to many causes of impotence, the degree is different, so that when the treatment to identify the cause, symptomatic treatment. But now many men do not have a correct understanding of impotence and often make treatment of impotence harder. Next we look at men in the treatment of impotence to be clear when.

Impotence should pay attention to what impotence to eat what to do

The company is located in: Errors in treating impotence

The first point, not erectile impotence is not necessarily

Some temporary erection or occasional non-erection situation, and more of this situation and psychological factors, the impact of environmental change. Generally temporary, moderate adjustment can be restored, can not be treated according to impotence. and clinical Encounter this phenomenon of many mistaken governance, thus impairing sexual function, resulting in true impotence.

The second point, do not put enough hardness when impotence

Some men are not clinical impotence, but due to the hardness is not enough, some doctors impose impotence "charge" and give a variety of treatment, but hurt the normal sexual function. Experts, not enough hardness and a variety of factors, such as sexual strength, sexual frequency, mental status, prostate Inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia and other diseases, not necessarily impotence, if according to impotence governance, not only can not solve the fundamental problems, but also damage the normal sexual function.

Impotence should pay attention to what impotence to eat what to do

The third point, treatment should pay attention to typing symptomatic

For the diagnosis of impotence, in the actual treatment need to implement personalized treatment according to different types and causes, the only effective. But a lot of clinical hospital For impotence treatment does not type is not due to treatment, resulting in increased difficulty in the treatment of impotence, and delay the best timing of treatment.

The fourth point, do not abuse impotence kidney products

In normal times or when there are occasional Premature ejaculation Such as sexual dysfunction, should not just do not use impotence Kidney Products, due to the composition of this product is not clear, some contain hormones and other chemical components, if used improperly, will make the condition worse. If long-term use, normal people may also appear Sexual dysfunction .

Fifth, prevention and treatment of genitourinary diseases

Sexual dysfunction is mostly a progressive disease, the genitourinary system is directly related to the disease. Such as prostatitis, urethritis, foreskin phimosis, balanitis, etc., should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of these diseases, so as not to affect the final sexual function, leading to premature ejaculation, impotence occurs.

Impotence should pay attention to what impotence to eat what to do

Treatment of impotence diet side

First, ginseng wolfberry chicken sticks

Food: 10 hen legs, ginseng 8 grams, medlar 25 grams, seasoning amount.

Production methods: 1. Wash the ginseng, cut into thin slices, according to wine modulation obtained ginseng wine; 2. Medlar washed, steamed; 3. The chicken legs with warm water wash, except the net residual hair, fried until golden yellow remove the pot put a little lard, put onions, ginger partial fry, cooking wine, soy sauce, chicken soup, add salt, MSG, sugar, with sugar Put the soup into a golden yellow, add ginseng wine and hen legs, skim the skim foam, use low heat simmer to rotten meat, into the dish, the cooked wolfberry fruit and the original soup juice concentrate, water starch sauce, After soaking ginseng wine placed in the chicken legs, topped Serum juice Serve.

Second, yellow braised dog meat

Food: dog (hind leg better) 1000 ~ 2000 grams, seasoning amount.

Production: 1. Wash the dog, heat it with boiling water, cut into large pieces, fry until golden brown; 2. Add the onion, ginger and pepper at the bottom of the casserole, then add the dog's lumps, add salt, soy sauce, broth, simmer boil, and then switch to low heat for about 30 minutes, add appropriate amount of broth and then slowly stew 1 hour until ripe , Add the right amount of sugar, sprinkle pepper Serve. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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