Today, the pace of development of society is getting faster and faster, male We are under increasing pressure to make men mentally and physically exhausted, seriously affecting men's work, and even affecting their sexual lives. In particular, the pressure on our male friends is increasing. At the same time as we are under pressure, our body health Also suffered torture. Therefore, our male friends will be caused by long-term fatigue Impotence . Seriously affected the quality of our life. Men in the face of the pressure of life and work must know how to release.

Impotence how to treat impotence What is the treatment of impotence how to prevent

Impotence caused by fatigue is OK prevention of

1, reasonable arrangements for work, work and rest, to avoid physical exertion, mental over-consumption.

2, timely elimination of fatigue, to ensure sleep, adequate rest, proper listening to music, to participate in recreational activities, help to eliminate fatigue faster and better.

3, appropriate for sports work out , Can increase the body's oxygen content, promote blood circulation, let the body and mind be relaxed.

4, fatigue, do not make sex life, so as to avoid the failure of sexual intercourse caused by both unpleasant, and cause mental disorders for men.

5, Occasionally the penis does not cite or lift without strong, unpleasant sexual life, do not panic, do not give yourself too much psychological pressure, rest a few days and then room, the general fatigue after the elimination of "impotence" will not Medicine and more.

6, if long-term erection can not be sexual intercourse, should be formal hospital accept an examination To find out the cause, science treatment .

Impotence how to treat impotence What is the treatment of impotence how to prevent

Impotence treatment

First, the concept of sexual treatment

In the treatment of impotence, one of the first important concepts to make the patient understand is that human beings should be regarded as a natural instinct. Human sexual reflex such as erection is an innate newborn baby even fetus Erectile reflexes already exist, but sexual behavior is the result of acquired learning. The abilities of human sexuality are easily influenced by a variety of biological and non-biological factors. Therefore, the key to sexual treatment is to make people adapt to this nature, so as to overcome various psychological disorders, properly handled, often achieve unexpected results.

Second, the theoretical model of sexual treatment

⑴, psychology analysis of the creator is Freud, the theory that the issue of sexual function is caused by unconscious inner conflict, only psychological analysis in order to expose and solve them.

(2) Behavioral therapy is advocated by Masters and Johnson in the late 1960s. It is based on the theory of behavior and learning theory. The key is to remedy past erroneous behavior through sexual re-education, and to establish and develop new healthy sexual activities the way.

⑶, the theory of new treatment is Kaplan and other proposed in the mid-70s, she put psychotherapy and behavioral therapy combined organically, treatment to alleviate the patient's sexual symptoms for the purpose, when the heart conflict and become an insurmountable treatment of sex Obstacles only deal with these problems through psychotherapy. This will allow most patients to heal without lengthy psychotherapy. For those who have serious psychological disorders, their condition can be alleviated or controlled through active psychotherapy.

Third, sexy concentrated therapy

The heart of behavioral therapy advocated by Masters and Johnson is sexy central treatment. In order to eliminate anxiety and make the patient fully relax, during intercourse, the sexual intercourse should be suspended temporarily. The cerebral cortex should be properly adjusted so as to ensure the success of the treatment and when to resume sexual intercourse.

⑴, non-genital sexy focus on training. Skin is the largest organ of the human body and also the central organ of human sexual system. The feeling of the body touched by the touching is the most important physical factor of the sex. Both sides seek each other's favorite touching parts and learn how to convey tenderness, affection, Pleasure and other feelings, so that patients focus on causing a sensory perception, and gradually transition to the stimulation of sexual desire. This is the best way to enhance the physical sensation and arouse the natural sexual reaction. The caressing is actually the courtship of mankind. It can synchronize the sexual and physical changes of both sexes so as to achieve the same sexual arousal and eliminate the patient's nervousness .

Impotence how to treat impotence What is the treatment of impotence how to prevent

⑵, concentrated genital training. Man touch range can be extended to female breasts and other highly sensitive areas, the woman pay attention to touch the man's thigh, lower abdomen, penis and scrotum. The use of stimulus-stop-re-stimulus technology can effectively eliminate sexual fear, make men realize that the loss of erection is not terrible, and then stimulate it will re-erection, optional training in the man's strongest reaction to the morning.

⑶, vagina to accommodate. Is a special training for impotence, the purpose is to further reduce anxiety and transition to sexual intercourse, the use of more female host. The woman will be stimulated penis to a certain extent after the erection of his hand to support the penis to stimulate their own labia, clitoris, and finally guide the vagina. After the insertion of both static, so that men experience sexual feelings, when the penis becomes soft, the woman can shrink the vagina or slightly up and down to move the friction penis in order to maintain the penis erection. Repeated training allows the woman to gradually extend the time to accommodate the vagina. The penis can also make it soften natural prolapse, re-stimulated by the woman, so hard after the erection into the vagina. This process can enhance the man's confidence, no longer worry about the temporary disappearance of erection.

⑷, vagina to accommodate and activities. In the final stages of sexual treatment, the woman is still taking the upper body position and the woman first activities, when reached considerable excitement, the man re-activities, the first slow and fast, continue to increase the scope of activities until completed.

Training process should be gradual, do not rush, once the practice of a stage can not adapt or appear contradictory, should be returned to the previous stage of training until it can be well tolerated so far. Treatment must be perseverance, perseverance, otherwise it will come to naught. (Join website: Family doctor online)

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