The company is located in: Impotence Is a common male subjects in life, talking about the dangers of impotence each friend has a different view, because male Once a friend appears in family life, do suffer or wife, and affect family harmony do not say, it is difficult to get rid of disease The trouble is also a more headache to lose, its causes are many strictly speaking, generally divided into three categories is psychological, organic and medicinal. Impotence Premature ejaculation Is male Sexual dysfunction The common performance, the impact on men's lives is great, we must take timely treatment The measures themselves must pay attention to daily care, we have to fundamentally prevention The occurrence of the disease. At the same time, even if suffering from this disease, we also have a way to deal with Oh! Impotence treatment as follows:

How to treat impotence Impotence how to treat what impotence to eat

How to treat impotence

The company is located in: hospital Use penile prosthesis implantation surgery

As you can see, the inflatable, hollow prostheses and semi-hard silicone rubber prostheses, which are the most commonly used two types of penile prostheses, are also filled with fluid. The implantation sites are also agreed to separate the two silicon columns Side by side implants sponge body is best. Recently, two new expansive prostheses came out. Its characteristics are, the above-mentioned cylindrical silicon capsule, infusion pump, liquid receiver three components, assembled in a prosthesis, even if the operation by placing, but also reduce the incidence of mechanical failure. There is a known Omni Phase prosthesis using mechanical knob adjustment, the penis can be changed from the atrophy soft state to the renal hard position, without the liquid filling and releasing the prosthesis by a bending zone and the adjustment device.

Learn negative negative erection method together

In order to make organic impotence in the life of the penis, can produce sufficient enough hardness erection, medical scholars will be able to put the penis in the negative pressure so sponge passive congestion, and up to the state of erection. And then tied the rubber band, the penis to keep the erection at the root, you can carry out a room within 30 minutes to remove the rubber band, so that the penis can restore atrophy. Negative pressure hijacked erection is how to use, so that the accumulation of blood in the sponge and produce erection state is different from normal erection.

How to treat impotence Impotence how to treat what impotence to eat

Behavioral therapy we can learn

Everyone who wants to suffer from the disease wants treatment without side effects. Behavioral therapy is more effective treatment of male impotence disease, then it is the theoretical basis for what it is, what is the difference between sexual behavior and other behaviors ?, sexual dysfunction if not promptly resolved, it will make a lot of friends into impotence Pain, so as soon as possible to learn through learning to correct, and pay attention to its specific method is through a series of gradually increasing difficulty of training, so that the fear of impotence patients reaction, and sexual intercourse scene separation, so as to achieve the psychological elimination of concerns the goal of.

Vascular surgery is effective in treating impotence

The occurrence of impotence has a certain history, and now with the rapid progress of medical technology, found that there are many impotence, because the blood vessels STD The causes of change, its common causes are three kinds of arterial insufficiency, as well as venous anomalies, as well as the behavior of catching vein fistula. Impotence of vascular surgery in the end to what extent the development of the need to cooperate with the reality of the careers is still under further development and improvement, the use of sub-method should be carefully selected before treatment of patients, of course, not only pay attention to the inflow rate of arteries should also pay attention to the vein Resistance. Keep the anastomotic patency open after surgery to improve blood flow mechanics, but still can not achieve the expected results, there may be other nerve The effects of vascular mechanisms need to be witnessed together.

How to treat impotence Impotence how to treat what impotence to eat

Treatment of impotence diet side

Longan meat porridge

【Ingredients】 Longan meat 15 grams, 15 grams of red dates, 100 grams of rice.

【Production】 The rice and longan meat, red dates into the water, boil the fire and then boil for 30 minutes, rice should be cooked rotten, add the right amount of sugar. Daily hot and cold every morning and evening 1, not excessive.

【Function】 Spleen Yang Xin, blood soothe the nerves. Spleen and phlegm, impotence, premature ejaculation, lip color pale, palpitations palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness, food less stool, Shenpi fatigue, lower extremity edema.

Prickly wine

【Ingredients】 Thorn berry 100 grams, 500 grams of rice wine.

[Production] The prickly berries were washed, dried, to the core, ground, into the bottle, add rice wine, sealed bottle. Shake once a day, soak for more than 7 days. 15 ml sooner or later each service.

【Function】 Spleen Qi, fill the heart nourishing. Spleen and blood deficiency, impotence will not move, kidney fatigue, forgetfulness insomnia. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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