Modern male Increasing the pressure of life, Impotence The incidence of patients is gradually increased, which is now the problem of men are very headache. Impotence seriously affects the male body health With mental health.

Men need to be aware of some impotence early symptom , So as to make it possible to find out promptly as soon as possible treatment , But also better recovery. What are the symptoms of impotence?

What are the symptoms of impotence What are the symptoms of impotence impotence how to treat

Symptoms of impotence

1, young people due to inadequate emotional communication with sexual partners or sexual behavior is not uniform, there was anxiety and impatience with impotence.

2, the penis can not be completely erection or erection is not strong, that can not be satisfactorily normal sexual life.

3, impotence occurs frequently, but in the early morning or Masturbation When the penis can be erect and can be maintained for some time, mostly caused by psychological factors.

4, persistent impotence and continuous progress, mostly for the quality STD Change caused.

5, occasional impotence, in the next sex is completely normal, may be due to temporary tension or exertion, do not belong to the pathological.

Organic impotence initial symptoms

Organic impotence is impotence disease In the common one, it refers to the penile erectile dysfunction in any case, its performance is more moderate onset, in addition, it will be accompanied by the corresponding organic disease symptoms such as high blood pressure, diabetes Wait. Here to remind male friends, daily life must pay attention prevention Impotence, because the incidence of impotence may be related to indulgent indulgence, so should be pure desperation, quit masturbation. Such as general weakness, malnutrition or physical and mental fatigue, should be appropriate to increase nutrition or pay attention to work and rest, abstinence. In the conditioning, we must establish the confidence to overcome the disease, proper physical exercise, the couple temporary care and care for each other, these have the role of adjuvant therapy.

What are the symptoms of impotence What are the symptoms of impotence impotence how to treat

Psychiatric impotence initial symptoms

Mental impotence is also more common in men, the disease is more acute onset, the penis has spontaneous erection, night sleep or waking up, masturbation or sexual association will have an erection, sexual desire but can not erection. Or penis just contact with the female body can be hard erection, but when trying to insert impotence soft. In addition, accompanied by psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety, anxiety, depression, lack of energy, and some may be associated with premature ejaculation or sexual intercourse without ejaculation.

Impotence self-treatment methods

1, to actively participate in physical exercise Continued, proper physical exercise and outdoor activities will be beneficial to you, adhere to the daily exercise, can adjust the nervous mental labor or neurological disorders, for a regular life, to ensure adequate sleep.

2, penile erection is not strong but can erection, you can use for semi-erection of sexual intercourse for sexual intercourse, relax sexual tension, make sex life easier, the penis can naturally restore erectile function.

What are the symptoms of impotence What are the symptoms of impotence impotence how to treat

3, the use of early morning penis natural erection of the characteristics of proper training in the early morning sex life is easy to succeed.

4, drink a small amount of alcohol before sexual intercourse to lift the psychological suppression, improve the excitement of the central nervous system can enhance penile erectile function, but be aware that only drink a small amount of liquor.

5, encounter troubles, should be calm thinking, should not be long-term spiritual burden, timely relaxation and adjustment of tension, to ease and eliminate anxiety and anxiety. Do something you enjoy, like enjoying music, taking part in group activities and reading useful books, or talking to relatives and friends of your family, but your mood will be comfortable and sexual repression will gradually disappear.

6, can serve leeks and onions and garlic and the like food, especially with fried liver, can enhance sexual function, improve sexual desire.

7, the use of round condom-shaped mouth, you can oppression of the penis root subcutaneous tissue venous return, so that the front of the penis hyperemia, the glans will be more sensitive to the Ministry of feeling, the excitement of the brain to enhance progress, penile erection and hardness Will increase.

8 can use the bladder to accumulate urine function to stimulate the nerves around, improve the excitability of nerves, and enhance penile erectile capacity, so stay in the forefront of urine, skilled control of this point, you can receive some results. (Reference Site: 39 Health Network)

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