Men do not want to be Impotence This male section disease If you are ridden, you must do a good job in your life prevention Measures. Impotence is a terrible disease that affects men health And life, men are most concerned about the quality of sexual life, but impotence but endanger men's sexual life, it is important to prevent impotence.

How to prevent impotence Impotence prevention methods how to prevent impotence

Prevent impotence methods

Eliminate the impact of psychological factors

Eliminate psychological factors. To have a full understanding of sexual knowledge, fully aware of the impact of mental factors on sexual function. To correctly treat "sexual desire", can not be seen as unattainable things and disgust and fear; can not be frustrated due to failure of one or two sexual intercourse, lack of confidence.

Both husband and wife to increase emotional exchanges, the elimination of disharmony factors, tacit cooperation, the woman should be caring, caressing, encouraging her husband, try to avoid the expression of dissatisfaction, to avoid stress caused to her husband; to concentrate when thinking about sexual intercourse; especially in the peak of sexual pleasure Soon Ejaculation When, but also to concentrate.

How to prevent impotence Impotence prevention methods how to prevent impotence

Prevention male Impotence diet side

(1) Cordyceps stewed chicken: Cordyceps sinensis 4 to 5, about 300 grams of chicken, a total of stewed, cooked meat soup.

(2) Spiced lamb: mutton to fat, steamed or cooked, sliced, add garlic, ginger, bean, onions, fennel, spiced soy sauce and other spices mixed with food.

(3) sparrow porridge: sparrows 3 to 5, to the hair and offal, chopped fried, and porridge with rice, add onions, salt and spices, fasting take.

(4) Shrimp tofu shrimp: 15 grams of shrimp, tofu 3, add light blue, ginger, salt, stew cooked food.

(5) shrimp fried leek: 50 grams of shrimp, with blister soft. Put the oil pan heating, and chopped leek 250 grams with the fry, fry salt and other condiments edible.

How to prevent impotence Impotence prevention methods how to prevent impotence

(6) Cistanche sheep kidney soup: Sheep kidney 1, to fascia, add Cistanche (wine immersion slices), medlar 15 grams each, a total of soup. Add light blue, salt, ginger and other condiments, eat lamb, drink soup.

(7) Chinese wolfberry stew pigeon: medlar 30 grams, 1 pigeon (to the hair and viscera), put the amount of stew pot add water, risquita cooked eat, eat meat drink soup.

Massage can prevent impotence

(1) often press the 4th lumbar.

(2) pressure on the finger: thumb with his right hand, index finger and middle finger to seize the left middle finger, finger to the fingertips from the root part 抻 until skin Red-red so far; or use the right hand to press the three fingers on the left hand between the ring finger and little finger bone; make the skin red red can be.

(3) after rubbing the ankle inside and outside the recess under the nest, insisted. (Reference site: a long time healthy network)

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