Expert introduction, Impotence Is a lot of patients feel awkward kind disease In fact, the incidence of impotence has many causes, different periods of impotence incidence is not different. So impotence high incidence of what period? Here to listen to the experts explain in detail.

What time period will appear impotence impotence how to prevent impotence how to do

The company is located in: Impotence prone to disease in three periods

One year before marriage or two years after marriage

Before and after marriage, both men and women in pride and uncertainty in the larger stage, most will not think each other for the sake of each other, often because of some trivial things to argue. The reason is that both sides do not know how to tolerate. Two people are completely independent individuals, friction inevitably will also become impotent people.

Ten years of marriage

Long marriage, it will inevitably occur a kind of aesthetic drowsiness, if the couple's life is not coordinated in the sexual life, less and less contact with each other's skin, we must deliberately create a love atmosphere, and timely exchange of feelings of love infection. To overcome the boredom between husband and wife, feel the love back from scratch.


This is also impotence susceptible to the crowd. male Friends into menopause, the temperament becomes impetuous anxiety, love to hide at home. Some men show decreased sexual desire in menopause, and some showed decreased erectile capacity, that there is no ability, it is easy to induce impotence.

What time period will appear impotence impotence how to prevent impotence how to do

Impotence how prevention

1, relax mentality to maintain a good mood to face impotence

In normal life if the patient depressed all day long, the face of life blindly adhering to a negative attitude to treat it, it will exclude positive adrenaline on the erection of men have a great hurdle. So relax mentality to maintain good mood to face impotence, not only helps prevent impotence, but also will guide the dilatation of the penis arteries, contribute to the blood circulation!

2, not only to control the life but also to get rid of the habit of masturbation

Long-term sexual life immersed in masturbation, it is easy to lead to male mental stress and sexual dysfunction, induced impotence. Therefore, men in sexual life should also avoid frequent sexual and sexual stimulation, so that their sexual organs get adequate rest, which is to prevent impotence to produce more effective measures!

What time period will appear impotence impotence how to prevent impotence how to do

3, improve physical fitness, strengthen their own work out

If men are poor immunity, the body is also relatively weak, then it is easy to cause lack of sleep, the spirit of over-tension situation, this would lead to impotence disease. Therefore, in daily life to strengthen their own exercise and avoid excessive fatigue, the men's own sexual function and nerve Central sexual organs will have a certain role!

The company is located in: 4, to develop good eating habits and personal hygiene to do their own clean

Smoking, drinking is a lot of men's hobbies, although a small wine, but for those who wanton drinking of male friends is very unfavorable, so that their own health It is extremely unfavorable. And nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol in the lower alcohol content, there is a certain violation of the health of men. Therefore, in daily life away from tobacco and alcohol, and do their own personal cleaning work is important, so on the one hand contribute to their own physical and mental health, on the other hand can effectively prevent impotence disease! (Reference Site: 39 Health Network)

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