most of the time, Impotence The emergence of more than just men, women also lead to the emergence of impotence, so that in peacetime female Must pay attention, otherwise it will make male Impotence occurs. So you know how women can lead to male impotence situation? Let's take a look at it

What is the cause of impotence women do what can lead to impotence impotence male how to prevent

Female factors lead to impotence

Women do not cooperate

In the sex life both need more cooperation, if the female does not match then can cause the male to have the impotence condition. Because when women repeatedly rejected men, do not match, it will lead to male sexual desire decline in the process of repeated refusal, resulting in impotence.

Female laughter

In many cases, men occasionally have impotence in their sex life due to work or family and other factors or Premature ejaculation Situation, and this time the situation of women if there is ridicule will lead to aggravating illness, resulting in impotence originally from false to become true.

What is the cause of impotence women do what can lead to impotence impotence male how to prevent

Femininity falls

Initially, many men are attracted to the charm of women, but when together, many women did not pay attention to their own image, resulting in a decline in their own charm, and thus there will be unable to attract men Case. Cause men in sexual life without a little bit of interest, to the back caused by male impotence.

The woman is ill

When the woman suffers Gynecology disease Or other chronic diseases will lead to men in sexual life can not be arbitrary, what should pay attention to the situation, thereby inhibiting male sexual desire, leading to impotence. Some diseases can also lead to loss of libido in women, denial of male sex life, which can also lead to male impotence.

What is the cause of impotence women do what can lead to impotence impotence male how to prevent

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Quit smoking

Smoking is considered a common occurrence among men. However, many men inhale harmful substances when they smoke. These harmful substances can damage blood vessels, causing blood circulation problems. As a result, the penis can not erect because of lack of blood when it is erected. So if you want to prevent impotence you have to quit smoking.

Abstain from alcohol

Many men have big stuttering meat big mouth to drink, so the result is that men are basically drinking at the dinner table, but if men often drink can also lead to the emergence of impotence, as alcohol into the human body will destroy the introduction of the above microvascular, So that the penis can not let blood in, resulting in no erection.

Do not hold urine

Holding back urine for men can be considered a more common situation, and holding back urine will make the urine play a role in the return of reflux to the kidneys, kidney damage, it will lead to male impotence. (99 health network( ) Zhuangao, for reprint, please indicate the source. )

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