Said Impotence Men are afraid to estimate, impotence is the pain of many men, then how should treatment Impotence it impotence men not only their own body health Will be harmed in the life of the blessing will make their other half will be harmed, the most serious may lead to divorce or break up, so men have impotence must be timely treatment, can not let their own unhealthy The state has continued, the treatment of impotence traditional Chinese medicine Have a look have what?

How to do impotence How to treat impotence How to prevent impotence

What are the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of impotence?

First, less than the main kidney yang symptom

Often appear limbs stunned, legs to be soft, impotence or do not cite the situation, there will be heavy blood vessels, this time should pay attention to warm kidney qi.

Coping method: Yougui pill addition and subtraction to ease, prepare the material 15g cents spleen, Rehmannia, medlar dodder, monkshood and Morinda 10g each other, also need dogwood, cinnamon, Yang stone and antlers all 8 grams.

Second, heart and wasting symptoms

Impotence will appear on the bed will not cite the situation, usually palpitations forgetfulness, loss of appetite and weakness of the tongue like light.

Coping methods: Preparation of Astragalus 30g, Codonopsis, angelica, dodder, psoralen and Atractylodes each 10g, in addition to Poria, Gui Yuan meat and Spinosae 8g, woody 3g.

How to do impotence How to treat impotence How to prevent impotence

Third, liver depression caused by stomach discomfort

Chinese medicine to remind the liver can also cause impotence, bad ribs Pain Of the situation, it is best to pay attention to Liver Liver.

Coping methods: need to prepare 10g Bupleurum and white peony root, angelica 10 grams, psoralen, medlar 10g, Atractylodes 9g, Poria 8g, dodder 8g, licorice 5g, incense attached 5g.

Fourth, hot and humid bets caused by the main symptoms of impotence

Scrotum wet, impotence will not move, urine astringent, while there will be thick yellow fur or pulse slippery situation.

Coping methods: go to the pharmacy to buy gentian, skullcap and Plantago 10g, also need to prepare 6g Gardenia, 8g Alisma, 6g Mouton, 8g moss, 6g cork, 30g herb, 60g coix seed.

How to do impotence How to treat impotence How to prevent impotence

Impotence how prevention

1, relax mentality to maintain good mood to face impotence: in normal life, if the patient depressed all day, in the face of life blindly adhering to a negative attitude to treat it, it will exclude positive adrenaline, male The erection has a great hurdle. So relax mentality to maintain good mood to face impotence, not only helps prevent impotence, but also will guide the dilatation of the penis arteries, contribute to the blood circulation!

2, not only to control the habit but also to get rid of the habit of masturbation: long-term sexual life immersed in masturbation, it is easy to lead to male mental stress and sexual dysfunction, induced impotence. Therefore, men in sexual life should also avoid frequent sexual and sexual stimulation, so that their sexual organs get adequate rest, which is to prevent impotence to produce more effective measures!

3, improve physical fitness and enhance their own exercise: If men with poor immunity, the body is also more weak, then easily lead to lack of sleep, the spirit of the situation is too nervous, this would lead to impotence disease The production. Therefore, in daily life to strengthen their own exercise and avoid excessive fatigue, the men's own sexual function and nerve Central sexual organs will have a certain role!

4, to develop good eating habits and personal hygiene to do their own clean: smoking, drinking is a lot of men's hobby, although a small wine, but for those who wanton drinking of male friends, it is very unfavorable, so that Their own health is extremely unfavorable. And nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol in the lower alcohol content, there is a certain violation of the health of men. Therefore, in daily life away from tobacco and alcohol, and do their own personal cleaning work is important, so on the one hand contribute to their own physical and mental health, on the other hand can effectively prevent impotence disease! (Reference Site: 39 Health Network)

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