The company is located in: Impotence ,This is a male The problem that attaches great importance to, no matter what, can not stop the male go prevention Impotence. Because impotence to men the harm is very large, so in everyday we must pay great attention to this problem, then you know that men need impotence if need to how to care? Daily care impotence methods in the end what? Follow Xiaobian together to understand it.

Impotence how to care impotence care how better impotence nursing methods

Impotence need how to care

Diet conditioning

The best way to care for impotence is diet conditioning, as it is a very easy task in diet conditioning and just needs to be eaten. And in the daily want to care for impotence, then you can eat some to improve sexual performance food , Such as: lamb, dog meat, loach, yam, ginkgo and other foods have a very powerful effect.

Improve physical fitness

Half lead to impotence is caused by the body is too low, because the body is too low, then it will lead to no energy at the time of complete lack of energy and become powerless, resulting in unintentional sex, making the upper body cold, triggering impotence. In addition frail people, the blood circulation is relatively weak, can lead to penis because they do not get enough blood and can not erect. So usually need more time work out , So as to improve the physical fitness, it can be considered as a way of impotence care.

Impotence how to care impotence care how better impotence nursing methods

Control sex frequency

Sex if too long can cause sexual organs in a long-term congestion, and thus hurt the capillaries above the penis, making microvascular damage, thus resulting in sex when the penis can not erect and become impotent. So in peacetime when the need to control the frequency of sex, so as to prevent impotence.

Learn the correct sexual knowledge

Some impotence occurs because of the lack of sexual knowledge, which can lead to impotence when they have sex because they do not know how to proceed. This type is more common in newlyweds. So this time you need to learn the correct sexual knowledge, so as to better prevent the emergence of impotence.

Impotence how to care impotence care how better impotence nursing methods

Quit smoking and drinking

Tobacco and alcohol have always been one of the causes of impotence in men, because cigarettes can block blood circulation and block blood circulation, while alcohol causes men's penis to become hyperemic. In addition, drinking will lead to men in sex because they did not care about the feelings of the partner, and then become rude, making the partner become less fit, and finally the formation of impotence. So quit smoking and drinking is also an effective treatment of impotence.

Do not eat health products

Many men have weaker sexual abilities, so they all eat some health products such as Viagra to improve sexual performance. However, these health supplements also have a side effect of impotence, so do not eat this type of health care products at ordinary times. ( 99 health Net ( Zhuangao, reprint, please indicate the source. )

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