In recent years, the pressure of work and life has been oppressed male , Will make men appear insomnia, and many men in order to sleep normally, will take sleeping pills, but Xiaobian tell you here, if the man taking sleeping pills is likely to lead to Impotence Oh, then you know why taking sleeping pills can cause impotence?

What to eat will lead to impotence Impotence What to eat sleeping pills can cause impotence

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Studies have shown that psychological factors can easily lead to insomnia to go to the situation, and insomnia when taking sleeping pills is inhibited nerve Central role. But the central nervous system also plays a role in controlling sexual performance, when taking sleeping pills will make the reaction becomes dull, leading to erectile dysfunction, severe cases, there will be no erection situation. So to eat sleeping pills will lead to impotence.

Impotence caused by daily food


Carrot is called small ginseng, has a nourishing effect, but if excessive consumption of carrots, then it is prone to impotence. Because the carrot contains a substance called allicin is hemoglobin to drive the role, so it is easy to cause men anemia , While anemia in men causes the body to become weak and can lead to impotence due to anemia in the penile during erection.

What to eat will lead to impotence Impotence What to eat sleeping pills can cause impotence

Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots is a very high nutrient food, and its delicious, can be said to be a delicacy. However, bamboo shoots which contain oxalic acid will affect the body's absorption capacity of zinc and calcium, while men with calcium deficiency and zinc deficiency is likely to cause loss of libido, long-term will lead to impotence.


Soy is a protein-rich food, but it also helps the body lower cholesterol and makes soy products popular. But men can not eat soybeans, because the soybeans contain a lot of estrogen, male excessive intake of male hormones will be inhibited, resulting in decreased male libido, and even impotence.

What to eat will lead to impotence Impotence What to eat sleeping pills can cause impotence

Marinated food

Many foods because of storage, many people will make these foods as pickled foods, but pickled foods contain a lot of nitrite, these substances can easily form a lot of harmful substances in the body, and these harmful substances can easily lead to impotence With the cancer The emergence of.


Basically can be said that alcohol is made of alcohol, drinking, then it will lead to the emergence of impotence. Because drinking will lead to inflammation of the liver enlargement of the situation, the blood inside the male hormone will gradually decrease with less, if less male hormones it is easy to make men's sexual desire, and its sexual ability will appear Decline, impotence also appeared at this time. ( 99 health Net ( Zhuangao, reprint, please indicate the source. )

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