In both sexes, erection hardness is the most basic element, if the penis is not hardened, the next thing is very difficult. Penis hardness, can be directly reflected male Full of energy, relaxed mood, sexual intercourse and so on health Information, for both parties to achieve orgasm is also helpful. However, with the pressure of life and lifestyle changes, more and more men are not satisfied with the erectile stiffness, erectile stiffness is not enough, also known as erectile dysfunction, also known as Impotence . and so treatment Erection hardness problems have been put on the agenda of many men, most people are treated by taking medicine, but ignore the side we have a lot food of effect Comparable to aphrodisiac.

男性阳痿怎么办 阳痿吃什么 阳痿如何治疗

Male impotence must eat food


Leek can warm kidney yang, blood stasis, qi Jiangni, alias, also known as "from the grass," can easily make him excited, but also improve the durability Oh! Mixed with better wine.


One of the seafood, zinc, helps to synthesize male hormones, keeps the prostate in good working order, and raw food is the best way to preserve the zinc in oysters. Others such as lobster, sea urchins, sea cucumber, eggs, shrimp eggs, shellfish, seaweed, etc. are not bad.


Chocolate contains a chemical called PEA, is excited, helps to reduce stress, of course, can improve sexual interest? !

4. Turtle

"Turtle King eight" These two are all the things to the nourishing yin and blood, while the water fish (commonly known as Wang Ba) even more endogenous Ruanjian Sanjie effect. Medicine books contained, alias turtle or Shanrui water fish "into the liver, liver and kidney, benefit blood, kidney deficiency can be filled.

男性阳痿怎么办 阳痿吃什么 阳痿如何治疗

5. Caviar

Caviar rich in protein and hormones, is a very effective aphrodisiac food. And it's so staggering that it's so expensive that it does not make sense for him to say it does not work!

6. Basil

The ancient Romans often use basil for cooking, acting as an aphrodisiac, and its strong scent is widely recognized as a great aid to aphrodisiacs.

7. nuts

There is a kind of mysterious substance in nuts that can affect the production of male hormone, which is helpful for enhancing sexual function. Such as wheat, sesame, sunflower, walnut, almonds, peanuts, pine nuts and so on. The effect of walnuts and jujube is more prominent, Jian Shen, blood, stomach, lungs ... ... is simply aphrodisiac treasure.

Vitamin C

Like tomatoes, potatoes, red and green peppers, pumpkin, parsley, cabbage ... there are a variety of fruits, make a bowl of fresh fruit and vegetable salad every day, after eating sexual intercourse nutrition and effective.

男性阳痿怎么办 阳痿吃什么 阳痿如何治疗

Chinese medicine treatment of impotence methods

1. Life Gate fire failure

Mostly due to sexual intercourse caused by this, or long-term masturbation leads to qi Deficiency, life-threatening, and more apathetic, weak waist and nocturia frequent and short symptom .

Optional: three whip wine.

Efficacy: tonic liver and kidney, nourishing Yang.

Method: Take bullwhip 50g, sheep whip 25g, whip 25g cut into thin slices, washed with water, 50 ~ 60 ℃ low temperature drying, the centipede 18g, Angelica 60g, white peony root 60g, TCS 60g, licorice 60g crushed into meal, Set soaking tank; another amount of crystal sugar dissolved in the amount of white wine, add the above cylinder, airtight, soaked 45 to 60 days, the supernatant and make into 1000ml, standing, filtration, sub-packaging, that is, too.

2. Heart spleen Qi

Symptoms of more than melancholy due to excessive psychological damage caused by heart and spleen, resulting in qi and blood deficiency, more energy, sleepless nights, pale tongue, pulse symptoms.

Optional: Guipi pills, Bazhen pills, Shiquan Da Pills, ginseng Guipi pills, ginseng Yangrong pill, Shenqi antler fine and so on.

Panic hurt the kidneys

The disease is mostly due to cowardice and suspicion, weakness body, every shock caused by fear of sexual intercourse, more common depression, palpitations, insomnia, dream Clumping and other symptoms.

Expelling: Kidney rather God.

Optional: Acupuncture therapy

Practices: Pointing point in the Pointed down, and strive to sense acupuncture forward Yin conduction. S at 65 degrees toward the pubic symphysis deep stab, and strive to sense the needle before the Yin conduction. (Reference Site: 39 Health Network)

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