From the Chinese point of view, Impotence There are many clinical Syndromes, Kidney deficiency Only one of them, manifested as Yaoxisuanruan, cold, loose stools. Mostly due to over-indulgence, injury caused by Kidney Yang, then you can use a variety of kidney impotence traditional Chinese medicine , Like antler, ginseng, deer whip and so on. Premature ejaculation And impotence to male Confidence and confidence caused great setbacks and blows, affecting the sexual life between husband and wife. Some patients mention Sexual dysfunction Detrimental to self-esteem, so secretive, take self-medication or blind obedience ads, indiscriminate service tonic, aphrodisiac, the result will only make up more virtual, endangering their own health . First talk about common impotence, which is caused by several reasons:

阳痿是什么原因 阳痿怎么办 阳痿如何预防

The cause of impotence


Excessive thought, so that the fire caused by kidney fire impotence. Performance of Yaoxisuanruan, insomnia and more dream , Afraid of heat. Should be used pure heart and kidney drugs, like habitat, white peony root, cornus.

Blind tonic

If blindly taking the kidney impotence drugs, obviously counterproductive, so that the disease worsened.

阳痿是什么原因 阳痿怎么办 阳痿如何预防

Excessive fat and greasy, smoking and drinking too much

Excessive fat and greasy, smoking and drinking caused by excessive impotence, manifested as mouth bitter, upset irritability, back pain, perineum Pain , Yellow urine. Can only choose to clear the liver and gallbladder dampness drugs, such as gentian, skullcap, Treats and so on.

Mental stress or side effects

Mental stress, or side effects of certain drugs cause impotence, do not have to take any kidney drugs, when the nervous emotions are relieved, or disable the relevant drugs, impotence will not cure.

阳痿是什么原因 阳痿怎么办 阳痿如何预防

Male methods to prevent impotence

(1), pay attention to psychological care, happy mood, relaxed thinking, comfortable environment, quiet atmosphere.

(2), appropriate exercise to avoid overwork, over or not exercise.

(3), quit smoking, drinking less than 50ml daily, less than 1 bottle of beer, fruit wine less than 200ml, to not drink as well.

(4), life regulation, should eat light, nutritious, containing protein higher food, eat more green leafy vegetables.

(5), learning and understanding of sexual knowledge, evaluation of their own health, the wife should cooperate closely with sensory training. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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