The company is located in: Impotence ,belong male A common high incidence of the country is estimated that more than 100 million men suffer from this disease , And when it comes to impotence will lead us a lot of harm, and many people become inferior because of the disease, not to go hospital treatment . So when we usually begin to learn prevention Impotence. Then you know how to prevent impotence?

阳痿如何预防 阳痿有什么预防方法 阳痿怎么预防好

Impotence prevention methods

Pay attention to diet

In the diet, you can choose to eat some can impotence food , But not because of some rumors of others and not dare to eat, otherwise this may also cause some psychological burden. In addition there are some drugs can not eat, otherwise it is very easy to cause impotence, because these drugs have a side effect of harm to genital organs.

The amount of accommodation

Many young couples start frequent sexual intercourse when they think they are still fit and healthy. However, the sexual intercourse should not be too frequent. Otherwise, the sexual organs will always be congested and the microvascular in the penis will be easily damaged. As a result, Impotence appears.

阳痿如何预防 阳痿有什么预防方法 阳痿怎么预防好

exercise more

Exercise on our body health There are many benefits, so in normal times it is best to choose more exercise, and exercise will also be of great help to our cardiovascular, which will help our penis in the erection can get enough blood . So more exercise can prevent impotence.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Smoking can cause the body's blood circulation to be harmed, while alcohol can make it prostate Has been in a state of congestion, damage the capillaries above the penis. Therefore, smoking cessation can also be regarded as one of the main ways to prevent impotence.

阳痿如何预防 阳痿有什么预防方法 阳痿怎么预防好

Correct understanding of sexual knowledge

Cognition of sexual knowledge can be considered as a way to prevent impotence, because many people because of the lack of understanding of sexual life, resulting in sex can not be perfect, and this situation is very prone to impotence, if we have enough sex Knowledge will prevent this problem caused by impotence.

Enhance the exchange of couples

Communication between husband and wife is also one of the ways to prevent impotence, because in many cases, the exchange of feelings between husband and wife is not very good, which will lead to the perfect coordination when sex, it is easy to lead to the appearance of male impotence. So usually we must cultivate good feelings between husband and wife.

boost self-confidence

One of the main causes of impotence is lack of self-esteem, and when there is not enough self-esteem, we are afraid of doing anything, as is sexual love. And when in fear of shrinking love will be afraid of this and that there is premature ejaculation, serious will lead to the emergence of impotence. So to prevent impotence have to increase self-confidence. (99 Health Network ( ) Zhuangao, for reprint, please indicate the source)

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