So to speak, in recent years, Premature ejaculation Has become a very common male section disease And many people think male Once the case of premature ejaculation will lead to infertility, and this statement in the end is not true? Following Xiaobian together to see it.

早泄会不会影响怀孕 早泄有什么危害 早泄吃什么好

Premature ejaculation will not affect pregnancy

The answer is yes, but chances are weaker than normal men. Because there are many types of premature ejaculation, many are because the penis into the vagina did not last 3 minutes to appear quickly Ejaculation The situation, and this situation will appear sperm Has entered the vagina, but at this time ejaculation may seem weak, no way to sperm into the vagina, so premature ejaculation or pregnancy will have a little effect.

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Loss of self-confidence

Male sexuality has always been a major source of self-confidence, but if male sexuality problems arise, its self-confidence is like a paper tiger, just touch it. Premature ejaculation can be said that a situation of sexual performance, so when a man premature ejaculation will make men slowly lose confidence.

早泄会不会影响怀孕 早泄有什么危害 早泄吃什么好

Destroy couples feelings

Half of the reason to maintain the feelings of the couple because of sexual life, and once men have premature ejaculation, it will lead to sexual uncoordinated, and if the unharmonious sex life is very easy to undermine the feelings of the couple, so that there are certain problems in the relationship between husband and wife The reason is because men premature ejaculation caused.

resulting in Impotence

Many premature ejaculation patients, because of premature ejaculation did not conduct timely treatment , Leading to the disease becomes more serious, to the back will directly lead to impotence and other diseases appear, so that timely premature ejaculation should be treated.

Premature ejaculation treatment

Dog black bean pot

Material: dog meat, black beans, ginger.

Practices: Wash the dog cut, black beans washed, ginger slices, and then all the ingredients into the pot into the water, stir stew to the dogs mature seasoning can be added.

Sparrow wine

Material: sparrow, dodder, Cistanche, liquor.

Practices: kill the sparrow to kill after the wash, Dodder and Cistanche wash, then put all the material inside 2 pounds of white wine, soaking the lid half a month.

早泄会不会影响怀孕 早泄有什么危害 早泄吃什么好

Prawn stew tofu

Material: shrimp, tofu.

Practices: Wash shrimp shelled goitou, tofu washed and cut into pieces, and then put together stew, and other fast-cooked when the ginger and chopped green onion seasoning can be.

Stew pigeon

Material: pigeon, wolfberry.

Practice: the pigeon to the hair to kill the internal organs to wash, wolfberry wash, and then join the pigeon with the pigeon inside the stew cup, add the right amount of water, risen stew until the pigeons become rotten after the seasoning can be . (99 health network( ) Zhuangao, for reprint, please indicate the source. )

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