We all know that harmonious sex is a basis for the harmony of husband and wife, but if male Friends suffer Impotence , This time a series of questions will come, when you will not bear, resulting in the spirit of every day, there may be unemployed, so we prevention Impotence occurs is the need for people to pay attention to, then how should the prevention of impotence in life, the following we look at the specific bar

阳痿如何预防 阳痿有什么预防方法 阳痿的原因有哪些

Prevention of impotence

Quit alcohol and tobacco

To develop good habits is the key to prevent impotence. Tobacco can affect the supply of men's penis blood, so that men have penile erectile dysfunction, and re-erection time prolonged. Long-term drinking can lead to decreased male function and prolong male sexual maturity.

Positive attitude

One way to prevent impotence should be positive treatment cause Sexual dysfunction The other disease ,Such as prostate Inflammation, vas deferens inflammation, orchitis and so on. At the same time to scientific and rational use of drugs, carefully selected drugs that affect sexual function.

阳痿如何预防 阳痿有什么预防方法 阳痿的原因有哪些

Cultivate awareness

Cultivate the correct sexual consciousness, establish a good sexual habits, the prevention of impotence must control the occurrence of masturbation, diet section, sexual intercourse degree.

Leading to impotence reasons

1. Dry clothing health care products

Ning with health care products do not have regular drugs, is a major feature of Chinese-style ED. A survey showed that 86.7% of people believe that "treatment can not restore normal function"; and many people think that the effect of taking health care products is more obvious. In fact, the market a lot of so-called "health care products" illegal addition of Western medicine ingredients, the dose is very unstable, sometimes very large dose, and sometimes very small, long-term use will be male health Causing a very negative impact.

阳痿如何预防 阳痿有什么预防方法 阳痿的原因有哪些

2. Bad diet and lifestyle

Said ED is eating out the reason is because ED and diabetes , Hyperlipidemia Have a close contact. Chinese people pay attention to pay, make popular, all for the diabetes and high blood lipids to provide the conditions, then ED to visit. How does diabetes and hyperlipidemia cause ED?

Is due to these two diseases are damaging the body's arteries, so that arterial sclerosis stenosis. When the male organs of the arteries also sclerosis stenosis, you can make male sexual organs in the erection when the blood flow, or even as a river "disconnection" phenomenon in general, male sexual organs also because of blood flow "depletion" and not boil The. (Reference website: people health network)

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