Men are most afraid to appear Impotence , But there was impotence male Friends but must not be afraid, as early as possible treatment Is the most correct choice, and then male friends should understand the knowledge of impotence, men do not want to impotence is more necessary to understand the understanding of it!

男性阳痿怎么办 如何预防阳痿 阳痿吃什么好

Men do not impotence of the secret turned out to be these

1, the elimination of psychological factors

Is not good and can not be blasphemous, can not be seen as despicable things and disgust and fear; not because of one or two sexual intercourse failure and frustration, lack of confidence; both husband and wife to increase emotional exchanges, eliminate discordant factors, understanding With the woman should care, caress, encourage her husband, try to avoid dissatisfaction with the emotions, to avoid the pressure caused by her husband; sexual thoughts should be concentrated; especially to reach the peak of sexual pleasure, about to Ejaculation , But also to focus on thinking.

2, intercourse

Long sexual intercourse, immersed in pornography, Masturbation Excessive stress caused by mental fatigue, is one of the causes of impotence. Practice has proved that the couple split the bed, stop sex for some time, to avoid all types of sexual stimulation, so that the central nerve And sexual organs are fully rest, is an effective measure to prevent impotence.

3, improve physical fitness

Physical weakness, fatigue, lack of sleep, prolonged mental work, are the risk factors, should be actively engaged in sports work out , Enhance physical fitness, and pay attention to rest, prevent fatigue, adjust the central nervous system dysfunction.

男性阳痿怎么办 如何预防阳痿 阳痿吃什么好

Treatment of impotence of the therapeutic side

With stewed pork waist

Take the system with 6 grams, 2, washed and cut to remove the white film, chopped a total of stew, salt seasoning, drink soup eat waist. Once a day, once every 10 days.

Cistanche walnut pork waist

Take Cistanche 15 grams (washed sliced), walnut kernel 15 grams, pig waist 2, scraping pig waist, remove the white renal pelvis, wash the charge, tie, cooked food. 1 day, and even served half months.

Rice wine steamed chicken

Take a rooster no one, glutinous rice wine 500 grams, the chicken hair and internal organs, washed and cut into large pieces of walnut, add onion 2, 2 ginger, pepper 5 and glutinous rice wine, steamed food.

男性阳痿怎么办 如何预防阳痿 阳痿吃什么好

Black beans stewed dog meat

Take the black beans 50 grams, 300 grams of dog meat, the black beans and dog meat after washing with the pot, add water, onions, ginger, garlic, pepper the amount of boiled to slow fire to boil, add a little salt, you can eat The

Fried sparrow

Take sparrow 2 to 3, to hair and offal, under the pan fried, dipped in fried salt powder (raw salt fried powder), fasting consumption, 2 times a day.

Leek shrimp meat

Take 250 grams of prawn meat, first shrimp with fried cooked, and then fried 250 grams of leeks, salt amount, with the shrimp eat. (Reference site: men's nest)

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