For male For example, the most afraid of what is the thing, I guess most people will certainly be the first thought Impotence The Yes, today we have to talk about is about some of the relevant knowledge of impotence. When men appear impotence situation, not only will harm the body and mind health , But also the relationship between the family slowly rupture situation. According to some experts show that most of the reasons for divorce is because the male impotence of the situation, so today Xiaobian will tell you how to do it can put an end to impotence situation.

阳痿怎么预防 阳痿有什么预防方法 阳痿怎么治疗

How to do so can make men eliminate impotence

Improve physical fitness

When the body is tired or disease Of the time, in the sex, then the effect is very poor, it is easy to lead to lack of confidence, this will lead to impotence. So in peacetime, it is best to be work out Body, so that the body to maintain a healthy body, so that it will not because of physical fatigue or physical illness caused by impotence.

Control the frequency of intercourse

When the intercourse is too frequent, it will let our spirit appear tired state, and sex is too frequent so that our sexual organs can not get a normal rest, and the use of sex organs too often will cause impotence. So if you feel the impotence of the time when it is best not to carry out too much intercourse, this is a way to eliminate impotence.

阳痿怎么预防 阳痿有什么预防方法 阳痿怎么治疗

Adjust the mind

Impotence There is a situation called psychological impotence, this is because our psychology is often in a tense anxiety when the self-esteem generated. And when we want to prevention Psychological impotence, then you need to adjust our psychological mood, do not let the psychological has been a negative mood, from the fundamental prevention of the emergence of impotence.

In the case of treatment Impotence method

Massage testicles

When the impotence of the situation, we can wash our hands after the rub in the heat, and then slowly stroked in our testicular position, gently massage the testicles, this time not too hard, or will hurt the testicles, massage to testicular So hot when you can. This method is called "pouch outside the kidney" in Chinese medicine.

阳痿怎么预防 阳痿有什么预防方法 阳痿怎么治疗

Massage the groin

At every day go to bed Before we put our hands on the palm of your hand gently rubbing the massage to our groin position, each time we can almost use the palm tilt massage about 40 times a week massage several times. This can be done to improve sexual desire, let sperm The speed of the generation.

In the case of Massage ears

In the morning when you can hand massage our ears, gently kneading our ears, each time the degree of massage a little hot hair can stop. The effect of doing so is to help us solid fine kidney, dredge the body's blood circulation. (99 Health Network ) Zhuangao, for reprint please indicate the source)

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