In the case of Self judgment Impotence Degree:

阳痿怎么判断 怎么判断有没有阳痿 阳痿分几个程度

Impotence, penis can not erection, or Bo and not strong, so that can not be sexual intercourse, so it is a penile erectile dysfunction. Impotence by light, medium and heavy three, the patient can refer to the following circumstances to determine the degree of impotence.

In the case of Mild: Sexual requirements are basically normal; by heterosexual stimulation can be faster erection; masturbation can cause erection; intercourse when the penis can erect but can not be sustained, or need to help hand in the vagina; penis and not strong; sexual intercourse frequency; Still can.

In the case of Moderate: Sexual desire to weaken; irritation sensitive area after the penile erection slow; by the opposite sex after stimulation can not immediately erection; through masturbation, penile bare erection; intercourse when the penis often can not erection, but can erect but not lasting; Vagina; erectile angle of less than 90 °, and the hardness is very poor; sexual intercourse frequency was significantly reduced, sexual pleasure significantly reduced.

阳痿怎么判断 怎么判断有没有阳痿 阳痿分几个程度

In the case of Severe: Sexual desire disappeared, regardless of irritating sensitive areas, to accept heterosexual stimulation, or masturbation, penis no erection; intercourse when the penis can not erect, can not enter the vagina; penis without erection angle and hardness; sexual intercourse basically stopped,

In the case of Experts teach you how to prevention Impotence:

1, that masturbation is bound to cause impotence

This phenomenon is quite common among those unmarried young people, mainly due to the lack of sexual knowledge of such people. Needless to say, masturbation is often the behavior of young people, there are some people who worry about masturbation will induce impotence, afterwards, some people really had impotence. But modern medicine has shown that the occurrence of such impotence, in essence, is not due to masturbation damage to sexual organs, and it is precisely the long-term masturbation lead to mental and psychological factors. In fact, mastiff mental activity is very complex, often in anxiety, guilt, depression, anxiety, this is not health Of the thinking activities will hinder the normal functioning of sexual function.

阳痿怎么判断 怎么判断有没有阳痿 阳痿分几个程度

In the case of 2, the early marriage after several sexual intercourse failure as impotence

This is quite common, in fact, is contrary to the spouse between the beginning of sexual life must have 2,3 months after the run-in principle. At the beginning of the wedding, especially the wedding night, too excited, tired, and even drunk; or because of the lack of cooperation between the wedding stage, causing a temporary erection dysfunction. Originally, this is not surprising. There are individual newly married couples poor sexual intercourse, is due to marry before stealing the forbidden fruit, was in the exploration, try, nervous, fear and other complex mood to act, the failure rate is high, so in their minds left their own sexual ability of the shadow. This situation should be in the marriage in the intercourse has a suitable stage.

In the case of 3, can not cause the woman to orgasm and pleasure as impotence

As long as the male penis can erect and set people, as long as the man can be successfully completed through sexual intercourse Ejaculation And to orgasm, it is not impotence, even with sexual pleasure. male female One of the features that is "male fast female slow", so the man has ejaculation, the woman has not yet entered the orgasm, which is a physiological phenomenon, at least sex is not enough harmony, should not be considered impotence. (Reference website: Wen Kang male )

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