the man Impotence Always people are very depressed, and even some couples because of impotence noise was broken, so impotence has been a lot of men do not want to face the hearts of things. but prevention What is impotence to do?

轻度阳痿患者有什么表现 男人阳痿怎么预防 该怎么预防男人阳痿

In the case of Impotence is divided into three

Severe impotence patients:

Mainly for the absence of sexual desire, whether sexual stimulation, sexual excitement or masturbation, penis can not erect, sexual intercourse when the penis can not erect and can not enter the vagina, sexual intercourse to stop, sexual pleasure no. This is one of the most serious impotence phenomenon, long-term patients suffering from impotence, over time on the loss of confidence in sexual life, and even produce a sense of fear. Psychological shadow can not be forgotten.

In the case of Moderate impotence Patients:

usually symptom And severe differences are different, sexual requirements weakened; irritation sensitive area after the penile erection slow; by the opposite sex after stimulation can not immediately erection; through masturbation, penis barely erection; intercourse when the penis often can not erection, ; When the penis can not enter the vagina; erection angle of less than 90 °, and the hardness is very poor; sexual frequency was significantly reduced sexual pleasure significantly reduced.

In the case of Mild impotence patients:

Masturbation can cause erection; intercourse when the penis can erect but can not be sustained, or need to help hand in the vagina; penis and not strong; the same time, Sexual intercourse frequency reduction; sexual pleasure is still possible.

轻度阳痿患者有什么表现 男人阳痿怎么预防 该怎么预防男人阳痿

In the case of In the case of male How is prevention of impotence?

First, the elimination of psychological factors

To have a full understanding of impotence, fully familiar with the impact of mental factors on sexual function. To be correct treatment of impotence, can not be seen as despicable things and disgust and fear; can not be due to one or two failures and frustration, lack of confidence; both husband and wife to increase emotional exchanges, eliminate dissonance, tacit understanding, the woman should be concerned, Caress, encourage her husband, try to avoid dissatisfaction with the emotions, to avoid the pressure caused by her husband; when thinking to focus; especially to reach the peak of pleasure, about Ejaculation , But also to focus on thinking.

Second, the festival quit

Long intercourse overdose, indulge in, frequently lead to mental fatigue, is an important cause of impotence, was taboo. Practice confirmed that the husband and wife sub-bed, stop sex for some time, to avoid all types of sexual stimulation, so that the central nerve And sexual organs are fully rest, is indeed an effective measure to prevent impotence.

In the case of Third, pay attention to diet conditioning

Eat more dog meat, mutton, sheep kidney; animal offal due to contain a lot of sex hormones and adrenal cortex hormones, can enhance sperm Vitality, progressive libido; in addition to zinc food , With arginine foods are conducive to progressive sexual function, prevention of impotence problems. Prevention of impotence do not have to avoid the mouth, to avoid fortification everywhere, increase the psychological burden, but also to avoid nutritional deficiencies, physical weakness.

轻度阳痿患者有什么表现 男人阳痿怎么预防 该怎么预防男人阳痿

In the case of Fourth, improve the physical quality

Physical weakness, excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, intense mental work, are impotence factors, should be actively engaged in sports work out , Enhance physical fitness, and pay attention to rest, prevent fatigue, adjust the central nervous system dysfunction.

In the case of Five, careful medication

Chinese medicine on the prevention and treatment of impotence, emphasizing syndrome differentiation, according to a variety of different physical types of evidence on the drug, not simply use impotence drugs. Blind abuse of aphrodisiac, may not be able to improve sexual function, but lead to other diseases. So far, Western medicine has not yet treatment Impotence of the special drug, on the contrary there are many drugs can lead to impotence.

Six, quit smoking for the prevention and treatment of impotence also has a positive effect

Long-term smoking will hinder the blood flow into the outer circumference of the body, affecting the blood circulation of the penis, the impact of the reaction, causing impotence. Foreign researchers have pointed out that lead to poor blood circulation caused by yulk factors are smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and smoking as the most important. Wine is a gonadal toxin, drinking too much or alcohol can make gonadal poisoning, men show the blood testosterone reduction, 70% -80% of people with impotence or infertility. (Refer to the website: find medicine to ask the drug)

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