when male In the poor performance of sex, they will doubt that they suffer from a certain male disease , Such as penis can not erection or erection is not strong, that they suffer Impotence The What are impotence? symptom What about it treatment The

男人阳痿有什么症状 阳痿怎么预防比较好 男人阳痿可以怎么治疗

The same time as What are the symptoms of impotence?

Impotence manifested as male in the case of sexual desire, the penis can not erect or can erect but not hard, can not engage in sexual intercourse and sexual intercourse difficulties, penis can not be erected as complete impotence, penis can erect but do not have sexual intercourse needs Adequate hardness is called incomplete impotence.

Normal: sexual desire normal, erectile response quickly, erection duration to Ejaculation Or intermittent sexual intercourse disappeared, erection hardness can be freely placed in the vagina, sexual pleasure is good, no significant change in the frequency of sexual intercourse, masturbation erection response to normal.

The same time as Impotence The main symptoms are:

1, penis can not be completely erection or erection is not strong, so that can not be successful for a normal sexual life.

2, young people because of sexual communication with sexual partners is not sufficient or sexual habits are not unified, and anxiety and impatience and impotence.

3, occasional impotence, in the next sexual life is completely normal, may be temporary tension or fatigue caused by, not sick.

男人阳痿有什么症状 阳痿怎么预防比较好 男人阳痿可以怎么治疗

4, although impotence occurs frequently, but in the morning or Masturbation When the penis can erect and can be maintained for some time, mostly caused by psychological factors.

5, impotence continues to exist and continue to progress, mostly for the material Sexually transmitted diseases Change caused by.

The same time as Five Chinese medicine treatment to teach you to overcome impotence disorders :

The same time as Acupuncture treatment:

Chinese traditional medicine that, Sexual dysfunction Mainly with the "kidney" is related to the use of acupuncture and moxibustion can be through the role of the meridians to correct renal dysfunction, for the treatment of impotence, spermatorrhea and other sexual dysfunction.

The same time as Psychotherapy:

"Yellow Emperor" in the discussion of the causes of impotence, summarized as "thought infinite, do not want, obscenity outside, into the room too much" and so on several major reasons, so the treatment must also use the heart medicine. "According to the patient's problems, to find the psychological reasons, and then to ease."

男人阳痿有什么症状 阳痿怎么预防比较好 男人阳痿可以怎么治疗

The same time as The same time as traditional Chinese medicine treatment:

In the prevailing drug treatment, topical drugs far more than oral medication. The general method used is: the drug applied to the penis or with drugs to wash the vagina, and now to medication-based treatment is clearly different.

With the efficacy of sexual therapy drugs, can enhance sexual excitement, promote semen production, such as gecko, hippocampus, Cnidium, Epimedium and so on.

The same time as Massage therapy:

Massage for the role of sexual function is to develop the sensory area, to promote sexual excitement, dredge the meridians, adjust the yin and yang, improve sexual function, usually sub-massage and local massage two, according to different states and needs, by the doctor to develop treatment plan, and then Practice. General treatment of impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea and other male sexual dysfunction and female sexual desire, lack of orgasm and so on.

The same time as Food treatment:

If the intercourse is frequent, the birds can be used to nourish, which the spring bird born eggs, only open the rooster nourishing effect of the strongest, usually can also be placed in the fried fish malt powder Taking. Seriously take these foods, you can treat impotence. Other commonly used animal genitalia, whichever is "dirty dirty." (Refer to the website: find medicine to ask the drug)

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