The same time as Impotence And heart disease are some of the body's blood flow, work out Help to smooth the blood vessels. Moreover, impotence may actually be cardiovascular disease Of the early warning signal, because the penis is more sensitive to the reduction of blood flow than the heart. Practice has proved: to improve sexuality and penis "exercise", will undoubtedly allow the majority of men benefit from it.

男人阳痿怎么办 怎么预防阳痿 哪些食物可以预防阳痿

Physical exercise can prevention ED? The easiest way to exercise the penis is to stick to the seminal movement. In addition to this, Pussy Of the blood circulation, but also the pelvic floor of the muscle and ligament strength is enhanced. In addition, the domestic scholars learn from the ancestral school advocates of Kidney exercises, specially developed a set of penile exercise, allegedly if you insist on practice, can improve the man's sexual ability.

1, the lower abdomen friction: Before going to sleep, put a hand on the lower part of the pubis on the lower abdomen, the other hand on the waist, and then hold the waist, side by hand in the lower abdomen from right to left slowly friction to consciously warm stomach For the degree.

The same time as 2, thigh root massage: Before going to sleep, put his hands on both sides of the thighs to the palm along the oblique direction gently massage 36 times, once a week massage, to enhance sexual desire, improve energy have a certain effect.

The same time as 3, strengthen the penis reaction: Morning erection, to the toilet before the urine, with your fingers gently from the front of the penis 1/3, the penis down, so the penis will be close to the state, and then use the fingertips attached to the penis, feeling its reaction, one side Close the anus, while pushing the penis up Repeat this action, probably for 1 minute.

男人阳痿怎么办 怎么预防阳痿 哪些食物可以预防阳痿

The same time as 4, Mo rubbing testicles: Will be rubbing his hands, first with his right hand holding two channeling nine, so that the right side of the slaughter of nine in the palm of the palm, the left testicles located in the thumb, index finger and middle finger surface, and then gently Roudong. Turn right 30-50 times, then turn left to 30 to 50 times, with a slight sense of soreness and painless degree. And then gently press the left hand as the law press. Can also be used to make the law, that is, first with a single pull the scrotum. Fixed outside the kidney, with another hand palm placed on the testicles, and then gently rubbed to slaughter pills slightly hot for the degree. This method also known as "pouch outside the kidney" method.

Of course, sexual intercourse is the best exercise of the penis, at least once a week, if not sexual intercourse, masturbation can be replaced. Recent surveys show that the US l / 3 men have masturbation every week. This is no harm, but useful, is conducive to training men control penis ability.

The same time as How men can diet to improve the status of impotence

1, should pay attention to the addition of enzymes.

Enzymes are a special protein that catalyzes in the body and promotes the metabolism of the human body. health Useful. If the lack of enzymes in the body, there may be dysfunction, including sexual dysfunction, or even loss of fertility. Enzymes exist in various categories food In the cooking food should pay attention to the temperature should not be too high, the time should not be too long, can be fried, roasted, fried and other cooking methods, so as not to damage the enzyme.

男人阳痿怎么办 怎么预防阳痿 哪些食物可以预防阳痿

The same time as 2, intake of adequate quality protein.

Proteins contain a variety of amino acids required for human activities, which are involved in human tissue cells, including sex organs, germ cells, such as arginine sperm The formation of an important formula, with the function to improve sexual function and eliminate fatigue. Soybeans food , Especially frozen tofu is rich in arginine. The main source of high quality protein is poultry, eggs, fish, meat and other animal protein and beans protein.

The same time as 3, supply the right amount of fat.

In recent years, with the increase in people's health awareness, most adult men worry about intake of fat and cholesterol can lead to obesity, heart disease, so a large number of people to take a fear of fat and vegetarian but from the maintenance Functional point of view, should be appropriate intake of certain fat. Because the body's sex hormones are mainly from the fat in the cholesterol conversion, long-term vegetarians will affect the secretion of sex hormones, is not conducive to the maintenance of sexual function. In addition, the fat contains some sperm to produce the necessary essential fatty acids, such as lack of, not only affect the generation of sperm, and can cause sexual desire decline. Appropriate amount of edible fat, but also help vitamin A, vitamin E and other fat-soluble vitamins absorption. Meat, fish, eggs contain more cholesterol, moderate intake is conducive to the synthesis of sex hormones, especially animal offal itself contains sex hormones, therefore, should be appropriate to choose food.

Tips: Through the above article we know, what food can let male Harder, so that men are harder to rely on diet is not enough, but also with the usual lifestyle, more exercise, with physical discomfort, immediately went to the hospital for treatment, so as to have a strong good body. (Refer to the website: find medicine to ask the drug)

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