shock! Men often brush your teeth can reduce the incidence of impotence

Brush your teeth every day must do things, otherwise the mouth of the unpleasant taste will let others avoid you away. Some experts say, often brush your teeth, suffering from Impotence The probability of men than do not brush their teeth suffering from impotence is much lower probability. some male Friends that can not be trusted, brush your teeth actually can prevention Impotence
The same time as Often brush your teeth can reduce the possibility of impotence
According to foreign media Reported that regular brushing can not only reduce the risk of gum disease, but also can reduce the possibility of male erectile dysfunction. And not often brush your teeth, in addition to face dental problems, the risk of suffering from impotence is three times the other men.
The results showed that 53% of the participants with impotence had gingival inflammation at the same time symptom , While the control group was only 23%. The researchers concluded that men with severe periodontal disease risk of erectile dysfunction is gingival health Male 3.29 times.
Chronic periodontitis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria, the most common symptom is inflammation of the gums. Many studies have found that chronic periodontitis can lead to vascular disease, such as with erectile problems Coronary heart disease The
The same time as How to prevent impotence in daily life?
First, the elimination of psychological factors
To have a full understanding of sexual knowledge, fully aware of the impact of mental factors on sexual function. To be correct treatment of "sexuality" can not be seen as despicable things and disgust and fear; not because of one or two sexual intercourse failure and frustration, lack of confidence; both husband and wife to increase emotional exchanges, eliminate dissonance, tacit cooperation, the woman Should care, caress, encourage her husband, try to avoid dissatisfaction with the emotions, to avoid the pressure on her husband; sexual thoughts should be concentrated; especially to reach the peak of pleasure, about Ejaculation Time, but also to focus on thinking.
The same time as Second, the intercourse

Long-term sexual intercourse, immersed in pornography, masturbation forced excessive mental fatigue, is one of the causes of impotence. Practice has proved that husband and wife by bed, stop sex for some time, to avoid all types of sexual stimulation, so that the central nerve And sexual organs are fully rest, is an effective measure to prevent impotence.
The same time as Three, more exercise
The benefits of exercise a lot, in addition to people can have a good body, the cardiovascular help is also great. For men, the sport has a wonderful advantage: can enhance sexual ability. A large-scale study shows that a man who consumes at least 2 kilocalories a day through exercise has a much lower chance of impotence than men who do not exercise.

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