Man physical test: your sexual ability normal?

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The same time as 1. Is it enough for sex? A. sexual desire more abundant male , Most of the sex life is driven by his initiative; when the wife initiated, can respond positively. B. Every time by his wife / girlfriend initiative, otherwise you will not have sex on the show, which shows that your sexual function has been "deserted." C. If no matter how the other induction is not "tempted", then the problem is big. 2. Is it difficult to produce imagination? The same time as A. sexual life and sexual psychology of the normal men, to see the young beautiful woman will have imagined to see his wife bare body can not help but want to touch. B. In these cases, it is difficult to produce sexual imagination, that your sexual function has begun to become dull, and quickly find a way to remedy it ... ... 3. Is the erection quick enough? A. produce "interest", the penis should be rapid erection, or a moment of erection, once the erection, can meet the sexual life, this description of sexual function is no big problem. B. sometimes erection sometimes can not be erected, or after the erection can not hold Ejaculation It is weak, indicating that your sexual quality has declined, but the problem is not big. C. a long time no erection, the problem is serious ... ... (Editor: Peas)

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