Eat wolfberry can impotence sun aphrodisiac kidney product

Wolfberry is not only blindly traditional Chinese medicine It is also a kind health Diet, have a certain therapeutic effect. Many friends have such a question, medlar really impotent? Wolfberry fruit high nutritional value, you can mediate the constitution, make you more robust, then, whether it can impose it?
The same time as Men eat wolfberry really can impotence kidney it?
Chinese medicine believes that kidney essence, the main growth and development and reproduction, and bone, marrow, ear closely related to the body is an important organ. Wolfberry and kidney beans can be a good kidney strong bones and bones. Wolfberry fruit kidney essence effect Significant, and drugy and peaceful, was famous for the famous people for the physical fitness, longevity medicine.
Increased working pressure and deterioration of the urban environment make modern people more and more exhausted. What to eat Can be aphrodisiac, eat wolfberry is very suitable for the elimination of fatigue. Chinese medicine believes that impotence food Wolfberry taste sweet flat, able to nourish the liver and kidney, easy to clear eyes and nourishing. Modern medicine also proves that wolfberry can lower cholesterol and excite the brain nerve , Enhance immune function, anti-aging and beauty, etc., on the human health play a very useful role. The efficacy of wolfberry there are many, usually when people like soup in the soup like some medlar. Experts say: for men's health, eat medlar can also fill the aphrodisiac.
Chinese medicine theory that medlar sweet taste, to the liver, kidney, can kidney essence, liver eyesight, blood soothe the nerves, thirst, commonly used in treatment liver Kidney deficiency Loss, lack of essence and blood. However, for different syndromes and physical, wolfberry eaten is different.
Kidney deficiency caused by the lack of fatigue, waist and legs pain, foot and knee soft, dizziness, tinnitus, the easiest way to eat is wolfberry fruit soaked in water. Take 20-30 grams of wolfberry, with boiling water, add stew 10-20 minutes after drinking, soak two or three times after the wolfberry eaten. Direct chewing wolfberry fruit is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients. Modern physician Zhang Xichun 50 years old, every night before going to sleep before eating wolfberry 30 grams. Recommended physical hot people sooner or later the service 15-40 tablets, adhere to 1-3 months can be effective. Body cold people do not eat raw, but can put a bowl of steam for 30-40 minutes after the snack to eat.
Recommended wolfberry food recipes
Wolfberry porridge: Winter wolfberry should porridge, it can and a variety of congee with.
Wolfberry tea
Wolfberry can be taken throughout the year, the summer should be tea, but the next afternoon drink better, can improve the physical, conducive to sleep. But to note that the wolfberry tea should not be used with green tea, suitable for and Gongju, honeysuckle, fat sea and rock sugar with the bubble, with the eyes of the computer family is particularly suitable for.
The same time as Wolfberry fried mushrooms: Homemade cooking to join the wolfberry after the taste is quite good, such as wolfberry fried mushrooms is a taste and taste of vegetables.
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