Chinese medicine wine governance impotence psychological intervention is also important

The same time as male No matter from which point of view are more than female Face more pressure. Even the ability of sexual life is also an invisible pressure. Therefore, if the sudden onset of impotence and premature ejaculation, it will seriously damage the male body and mind health The Chinese medicine wine pairs treatment Impotence and premature ejaculation effect So, what are the recipes for Chinese medicine?
The same time as 1, lock yang wine: Cynomorium 30 grams, 500 ml of white wine.
Efficacy: Yijing aphrodisiac, nourishing strong gluten. Apply to Kidney deficiency Impotence, waist and knee weakness, nocturnal emission. Essence and blood deficiency embolism.
Practice: Cynomorium will be soaked in white wine, 7 days after the dregs, bottled and drinking. 2 times a day, each 15-20 ml.
2, dodder wine: Dodder 30 grams, 30 grams of Schisandra, white wine 500 ml (or rice wine) grams, 500 ml of white wine (or rice wine).
Efficacy: Bushenyijing, Liver eyesight. Apply to the liver and kidney deficiency of the head faint, tinnitus, impotence, nocturnal emission, Yaoxisuan soft embolism.
Practice: the dodder, Schisandra cloth bag, clean device, soaked with white wine, 7 days after the dregs to drink. 2-3 times a day, each 20-30 ml.
The same time as 3, chestnut wine: Chestnut 500 grams, 1500 ml of white wine.
Efficacy: nourishing heart and spleen, kidney to help Yang. Applicable to men with impotence, glide syndrome.
Practice: wash chestnuts, cut one by one, into the white wine soak, 7 days after the drink, each time before the amount of sexual intercourse to drink.
The same time as 4, leek wine: 100 grams of leek seeds. Rice wine 500 ml (or sorghum wine).
Efficacy: help Yang Gujing. Apply to impotence, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, waist and knee cold pain embolism.
Practice: leek seeds crushed, soaked in rice wine, 7 days after drinking, 3 times a day, every 10 ml after serving clothes
5, stone Yan wine: Shiyan 2-5 only, sorghum 1000 ml, salt, ginger, onions, vinegar the right amount.
Efficacy: Tim fine marrow, impotence Qi.
Practice: Shi Yan to hair and internal organs, add four flavor seasoning fried, soaked with wine for 3 days. "" Wonderful reading: How to do with impotence
6, velvet wine: Tender antler 6 grams, 10 grams of pills, 500 ml of white wine.
Efficacy: Bushen Yang Yang.
Practice: the velvet antler slices, plus pills packs, soaked in wine for 7 days, you can drink service.
7, gecko wine: Gecko l on the rice wine 500 ml.
Efficacy: Bushen impotence, flat cough and asthma.
Practice: the gecko to head, foot, scales, immersed in rice wine, 20 days after taking.

The same time as The same time as Impotence premature ejaculation Attention should be paid to psychological intervention
To have a full understanding of sexual knowledge, fully aware of the impact of mental factors on sexual function. To be correct treatment of "sexuality" can not be seen as despicable things and disgust and fear; not because of one or two sexual intercourse failure and frustration, lack of confidence; both husband and wife to increase emotional exchanges, eliminate dissonance, tacit cooperation, the woman Should care, caress, encourage her husband, try to avoid dissatisfaction with the emotions, to avoid the pressure on her husband; sexual thoughts should be concentrated; especially to reach the peak of pleasure, about Ejaculation Time, but also to focus on thinking.
Correctly understand and treat sex. For both husband and wife sex education, understanding the meaning of premature ejaculation, to prevent the normal situation misunderstood as premature ejaculation. Occasionally appear premature ejaculation, the woman to comfort the man, to help the man to eliminate concerns and tensions. After the disease also put down the burden. Establish confidence, with the treatment.

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