Treatment of impotence is not just masturbation

Know that you are suffering Impotence of disease After that much male Friends are reluctant to believe this fact, then the bad habits of masturbation will lead to our body to be hit, and then suffer from impotence of the disease, but also lead to our Sexual dysfunction , Then quit masturbation after impotence disease will be ok?
The same time as Masturbation can relieve impotence symptom
Experts pointed out that in addition to masturbation, there are some diseases can also cause impotence, such as penile disease, endocrine disorders, slow Sexually transmitted diseases And long-term use of certain drugs can cause impotence. prostate Inflammation, prostate hyperplasia repeated treatment for a long time. Surgery, trauma causes penile-related blood vessels and nerve Injury, leading to erectile dysfunction, causing impotence.
Quit masturbation is certain, timely distraction, and more to participate in outdoor activities, try not to touch the yellow books and video, to maintain normal work and rest. At the same time actively carry out the science of impotence treatment Is the key to cure the disease! Impotence is a very common situation, but the etiology of each male impotence are very complex, so we need to detect the professional equipment, as well as professional diagnosis of genitourinary experts to clear the cause, in the Targeted treatment.
The same time as So how do you treat impotence?
1, surgical treatment
Mainly for penile prosthesis implantation and vascular surgery, the former for a variety of organic and psychotic impotence by other therapy ineffective, which is mainly used for vascular erectile dysfunction.
2, drug treatment
Western medicine treatment of major symptomatic use of some endocrine drugs, gonadotropin adrenal cortex hormones. Vasodilators, excitatory strong agents and so on.
3, behavioral therapy

Through the mutual cooperation between husband and wife, in a gradual way to the genitals with a few sexy training center, repeated stimulation to achieve the purpose of erection. Specific methods include sexy intensive training and vaginal inclusion.
3, psychological therapy
Modern medicine that, whether it is spiritual or organic impotence, there are psychological factors. Its occurrence, development, prognosis, outcome, are closely related with the psychological factors. Therefore, in the treatment of impotence can not be separated from psychological treatment: (1) to understand the correct sexual knowledge, change the patient's wrong sexual concept (such as that sexual behavior, ugly, etc.). (2) to eliminate psychological stress, such as the failure of the first sexual intercourse that they are impotence, in fact, because of excessive tension caused. (3) to improve the relationship between husband and wife, to enhance emotional exchanges, to create an atmosphere for sexual life. (4) nursed back to health, reduce or eliminate life and work pressure.

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