Impromptus rehabilitation care is the key to understanding the cause

For regularity Impotence of male , Once there is impotence symptom , Whether it is the body or family life, have been a certain impact. Therefore, suffering from impotence of men, but also to understand how to carry out impotence treatment The For impotence daily care is also very important, then, how to carry out the treatment of impotence rehabilitation?
The same time as First, add vitamins and trace elements
Studies have shown that vitamins a and e are vitamins associated with maintaining sexual function and delaying aging. They are promoting testicular development, increasing sperm To generate and improve its vitality and so decisive role. Vitamin c on the recovery of sexual function also has a positive effect, its rich in fresh dates, hawthorn, green peppers, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables.
Second, the diet should be balanced
The same time as health Of the eating habits can improve the status of human blood vessels, thereby enhancing the ability to supply blood to the reproductive organs. In addition, balanced nutrition can reduce male cholesterol levels, slow down atherosclerosis, improve sexual desire problems.
The same time as Third, adhere to appropriate sports
Good physical condition is a prerequisite guarantee for sexual life, such as jogging, walking, tai chi and so are good choices for most men. But in the choice of sports items are also very particular about, such as riding a bike is not worth recommending, a long time riding a serious oppression will Pussy ,cause prostate Of the congestion.
The same time as Fourth, careful use of drugs
Many drugs can affect people's sexual desire and sexual performance, such as antidepressants, diuretics, cholesterol-lowering drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs. Patients in use, should pay close attention to their own sex is the law, if there is a problem, should communicate with doctors in a timely manner, choose other drugs for treatment, the drug for sexual effects to a minimum.
Common causes of impotence
1, drug effects
The same time as clinical Many drugs on the inhibition of sexual function, such as reserpine, guanethidine, digoxin, stability, furosemide, stomach Fu'an are all the reasons for impotence.
The same time as 2, chronic fatigue

Fatigue can cause impotence, because the muscle fatigue or excessive use of the brain, depression, anxiety caused by the heart caused by sexual fatigue caused by sexual arousal. This is the cause of common impotence.
The same time as 3, the spirit nerve factor
Mental or physical exertion, or poor mental stimulation, such as excessive depression, sadness, fear, etc., or indulgence, sex life and a series of excessive impotence reasons.

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