“True and false” impotence how to prevent the prevention of impotence see me

The same time as Impotence , Also known as " male Erectile dysfunction. "Its main performance for the male long-term or repeated, often the existence of penile erection difficulties, so that the penis can not fully erect, it is difficult to complete sexual activity between men and women, and because of some factors, such as physical fatigue, Emotional stress, excessive drinking, occasional erection, is very common and normal, can not be diagnosed as impotence, and no doctor treatment The So, how to determine impotence?
The same time as "True and false" determination of impotence
Generally speaking, in different age groups of adult males, at least 1/10 of the male more or less impotence problems. Perhaps because of this disease More common, and may bring the impact of marriage, many men are very concerned about whether they will have impotence problems; and impotence diagnosis is a more complex problem, not all erectile dysfunction of men are considered a problem. There are three cases will make the patient is not impotence to himself as a patient.
First of all, some male impotence is caused by a long refractory period.
Male in Ejaculation After this time can not immediately erect this period of time should not be expected, refractory period with age and prolonged. Even the newly married young couple, in the honeymoon, it is difficult in the same room immediately after sexual intercourse activities. During this refractory period, even a very effective strong stimulus will not arouse the male penile erection of the sexual response. The length of the refractory period is related to the age of the male. For a 60-year-old male, ejaculation should not last up to 48 hours. If you do not understand the normal physiological reaction of the penis erection, it is easy to this inappropriate period of erectile dysfunction as intermittent impotence.
The same time as The second point should be noted is the so-called Premature ejaculation The problem.
Penis inserted into the vagina after the length of ejaculation varies from person to person, usually in a few minutes to tens of minutes. A pair of newly married young couples, because the two sides are very excited, the man may be within two or three minutes to start ejaculation; and a rich experience of 40-year-old man, you can ejaculate the time control in about 1 hour The Some people because of these characteristics not much understanding of the penis after the early shot is also seen as impotence, in fact, this is the normal physiological phenomenon after ejaculation, as long as the penis can be inserted into the vagina is not impotence.
The third point is likely to be confusing is that a man can not complete sexual intercourse because of the loss of driving force and erectile dysfunction is different.
Sexual awakening is a kind of subjective sexual excitement caused by stimulation, if not for men to implement effective sexual stimulation, erection of the penis will soon be weak. A man does not like a woman to show the penis erection weakness, a woman in the face of unwanted men can not give effective sexual stimulation caused by men with erectile dysfunction is not surprising.
The same time as prevention An effective method of impotence

1, intercourse, masturbation mourning. Long sexual intercourse excessive, immersed in pornography, frequent masturbation lead to mental fatigue, is leading to yang, premature ejaculation important reason, is a taboo list. Practice has proved that husband and wife by bed, stop sex for some time, to avoid all types of sexual stimulation, so that the central nerve And sexual organs are fully rest, is indeed the prevention and treatment of impotence, premature ejaculation effective measures.
2, diet nursed back to health. (1) eat more impotence food : Aphrodisiac food mainly dog ​​meat, lamb, sparrow, walnut, bullwhip, sheep kidney; animal offal because it contains a lot of sex hormones and adrenal cortex hormones, can enhance sperm Vitamins, chicken, etc., with arginine food, ginkgo, frozen tofu, fish, sea cucumber, ginseng, beef, eggs, peanuts, Cuttlefish, octopus, etc., all contribute to improve sexual function. (2) do not have to be taboos: some of the spread of folk saying, such as eating loofah will be impotence, etc., is no scientific basis, to prevent impotence, premature ejaculation do not have to avoid mouth, to avoid fortification everywhere, increase the psychological burden, but also to avoid nutritional deficiencies, physical weakness.
The same time as 3, the elimination of psychological factors. To have a full understanding of sexual knowledge, fully aware of the impact of mental factors on sexual function. To be correct treatment of "sexuality" can not be seen as despicable things and disgust and fear; not because of one or two sexual intercourse failure and frustration, lack of confidence; both husband and wife to increase emotional exchanges, eliminate dissonance, tacit cooperation, the woman Should care, caress, encourage her husband, try to avoid dissatisfaction with the emotions, to avoid the pressure caused by her husband; sexual thoughts should be concentrated; especially in reaching the peak of sexual pleasure, about ejaculation, but also to focus on ideas.

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