Traditional Chinese medicine six massage method for the treatment of male impotence

Chinese massage is the touch of the human body acupuncture points, can speed up the body's blood circulation, stimulate the body related parts, the human body is very helpful. Chinese massage for treatment male Impotence also has great benefits. So, how to treat impotence massage?
Impression of traditional Chinese medicine massage method
1, groin massage
Before going to sleep, put both hands on both sides of the groin (thigh). To palm in the oblique direction gently massage 36 times, can massage several times a week. To enhance sexual desire, improve energy have a certain effect.
2, lower abdomen friction
Before going to sleep, put a hand on the lower part of the pubis on the lower abdomen; the other hand on the waist, and then hold the waist, side by hand in the lower abdomen from right to left slowly friction to consciously warm belly Feeling degree.
3, friction ears
Morning, with your fingertips or ribs on both sides of the ear round ears and other ears gently ring friction, or point rubbing press, to local micro Pain Have a sense of heat. This method has to reconcile the yin and yang, clear the blood, Jian Shen Gujing effect. For the ages Health Home advocate.
4, Mo rubbing testicles
The two testes in the thumb, forefinger and middle finger on the surface, Gently press. Can also be used to operate the law, that is, first with a single hand tighten the scrotum, fixed outside the kidney, with another hand palm placed on the pill, and then gently friction to testicular micro-heat for the degree. This method, also known as "pouch outside the kidney" method, for the ancient Chinese health home respected.
The same time as 5, climbing solid kidney
Take the supine position. Hands from the knee pull up to the medullary joints, the former glue litter up to the head, hands cross, palms up, two pedal straight, his hands from the line down, hand forward stretch, upper body before bending, Heart Yongquan point, the foot force pedal straight, hand and feet against the contrary, let the body to restore the supine. So repeated 10 times, or according to the ability to determine the number of times. This method has a strong waist and knee, kidney essence.
The same time as 6, hit the kidney House
Hands on the same side of the waist, from the top down from the friction, about 2 minutes to deep micro-heat for the degree, or both hands fist, with both hands back plane hit the waist alternately, moderate moderate, each hit about 100 times should. Waist for the kidney of the House, hit the kidney House, also known as "rub fine door." With Kidney strong waist Yijing, dredge the role of meridians. "" Wonderful reading: How to treat patients with impotence
Impetuous men should pay attention to what?
1, sex life too much impotence

Sex life too many people, the skin of the penis will appear fibrosis of the situation, we can imagine the fiber thing is not flexible, so the male penis can not erect or erectile dysfunction, that is, impotence Premature ejaculation Of the situation, so be sure to moderate life.
The same time as 2, prostate disease Cause impotence
Prostate disease is a major cause of male sexual function, prostate problems will make male friends when the sex life Ejaculation Pain, ejaculation pain will make men resist sexual life, a long time sex life is always ejaculation pain will make men gradually impotence situation.

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