Impetuous, psychotherapy useful?

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Spirit treatment Also known as psychological effects, usually through the doctor and the patient to talk to each other, so that patients correctly understand their own disease , To establish the confidence to overcome the disease. True psychotherapy is the treatment of functional Impotence Of the important method, but the organic impotence to patients with a certain mental burden, but also need to carry out the spirit of the law. Medical staff met impotence patients, the attitude must be kind, the patient should have the same feelings, must not be arrogant attitude. In the history of the inquiry, the patient should be told to tell the whole process of the disease, the patient in the history of the best not to speak, to be patient statements, the doctor can ask questions about the situation, such as sexual life, sexual frequency Time, sexuality, erection, Ejaculation , The desire for orgasm, past masturbation, nocturnal emission, spouse's attitude and understanding, and how the feelings of spouses and whether the ideological burden. Psychotherapy The first step in the treatment of impotence is to relieve anxiety, because most patients with impotence have sexual intercourse fear.
Sex is not just male Correct female Or sexual behavior is not only a single sexual intercourse; if sexual intercourse is not satisfied, if the strengthening of emotional exchanges can also make other aspects of the relationship between the benefits; not the use of the past Feelings or sexual intercourse to infer the current situation, because it is of no avail; women take the initiative to take responsibility and should not be the responsibility to the male, which is an effective way to improve the relationship between. The second step is to verify and explain the language, the female to explain the male impotence faced by sexual anxiety, through the emotional exchange between the two sides, is able to overcome male sexual anxiety, which is conducive to reduce sexual stress. In the meantime should inhibit sexual activity, until the male sexual anxiety gradually lifted. The third step is to explain the sexy concentration method, that is, in sexual activity, the focus will be on the physical sense, without sexual intercourse, in the touch genitals or breast , Do not think too much about other things in vitro, do not talk too much, not too much to consider the purpose of sexual behavior, to focus entirely on their own physical sense, this step to be repeated many times Until successful. Note impotence patients can not rely on their own will penile erection, because the erection is a reflexive reaction, so impotence patients must be comprehensive treatment. (Editor: Peas)

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