Secret: male impotence reasons

The same time as the above-
(1) sexual culture can delay the arrival of ED. The occurrence of ED and the degree of education also have a greater relationship between the high level of education than the low level of education ED low rate, that is, low level of education of people with high probability of ED. According to statistics, the primary education level of the following people significantly increased the incidence of ED. It seems that sexual activity is inseparable from cultural literacy. First of all, people must realize that the nature of sex is not only to reproduce the offspring. The couple can not suspend sexual communication because of the hardships of life and the lack of fertility. Otherwise, ED will arrive early. Sexual ability is built on one health The body and health of the mental state above. Healthy body is the material basis of sex, good mental state is the sexual activity of the "activator", supplemented by "sexual art" culture, sexual function can be perfect and happy.
(2) eat out of the ED. Said ED is eating out the reason is because ED and diabetes , Hyperlipidemia Have a close contact. Chinese people pay attention to make up the prevalence, all for the diabetes and high blood lipids to provide the conditions, then ED to visit. Diabetes and hyperlipidemia is how to cause ED? Because these two diseases are to damage the body's arteries, so that arterial sclerosis stenosis. When the penile arteries also sclerosis stenosis, it will make the penis erection when the blood flow, or even like the river "disconnection" phenomenon, the penis due to blood flow "depletion" and not boil up. Therefore, the daily life to meat and vegetables with, control high fat and high sugar diet, in order to avoid the "delicious" to bring the ED.

(3) age to the mark of sex. Unconsciously has come to the age of forty years. ED likes to find men of this age. According to the survey, the age of 40 years of age male , Of which 40% have ED, which is a staggering figure. No wonder ED has so many people talking about it, there are so many drug dealers concerned about it, there are many families worry about it, many people suffer. Age of aging is not according to the will of the transfer, although the body with the aging of the body diminished, but the speed of aging in the individual there is a significant difference, it was 40 years old ED ridden, it was 70 years old also well, fully explain ED is completely delayed.
(4) sexual feelings and ED. Sexual activities are naturally linked to the feelings of the couple. Many of the occurrence of ED and the relationship between husband and wife of the lack of coordination. Such as one side of the cold, worried about pregnancy and other reasons to refuse sexual intercourse, and even sex life as a deal to deal with, over time sexual activity has become a burden, so that both sides of the psychological burden of heavy burden, often hastily , Reduced sexual desire and "sex", so that the quality of sexual activity and sexual excitement to reduce the sensitivity of sexual stimulation slow response, nerve The system of the reflection of the gradual fade, which occurred ED. Of course, the living environment conditions will also affect the husband and wife sex life, such as couples living with children or parents a room, the quality of husband and wife life and "sex" will be greatly reduced, ED will increase the probability of occurrence.
(5) ED and bad habits are indissoluble bound. Poor living habits and ED also have a certain relationship, such as long-term life is not the law, stay up all night, alcohol, smoking, etc. will bring sexual interference. Because sexual activity is built on a healthy and vibrant body, and tired body and haggard mental state often inhibit sexual desire, long past sexual function will be a recession, ED will come quietly.

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