shock! Gas function treatment of impotence?

The same time as the above-
Used for treatment Impotence There are three kinds of law enforcement:

A, intended to keep the door method: intended to focus on the door in the door, the door in the back of the second lumbar, and navel relative to the belly.
B, intended to keep the law: intended to focus on the perineum, perineal scrotum and anus between the parts. Specific methods, practice 10 to 15 minutes before their own quiet, into the sitting on the bench, the head is straight, the amount of micro-income, legs separate and shoulder width, hands palm up on the thigh, the shoulder naturally heavy , Eyelids gently closed, shut up, but the upper and lower teeth do not bite, the tongue slightly against the palate, these preparations to complete the action, the exclusion of distractions, to focus on the pubic region, binocular and ears are also concentrated in the pubic region, And then deliberately in the breath of the pubic region will gently suck, in the inspiratory and then slowly to the pubic region of the gas release, pause, and then repeated several times until the idea is completely concentrated in the pubic region. Practice qigong should pay attention to the interference inside and outside the environment, work out "Into the static", perseverance, will be effective.
C, intended to keep the pubic region: intended to focus on the pubic region, pubic region in the umbilicus under the inch (with body size), qigong pubic region refers to the lower abdomen of the umbilical parts.

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