Treatment of impotence: husband and wife therapy five steps

The same time as the above-

This therapy should be carried out between husband and wife.
The first stage: that is, non-sensitive areas of mutual caress stage, this time absolutely can not sexual intercourse, to suppress any desire to engage in sexual intercourse. The two sides can carry out caresses, such as kissing, hugging and touching, in the area of ​​non-sex lawsuit. This allows the widening of sexual intercourse between husband and wife. Men do not have to pay for the burden of sexual intercourse, the penis tends to be naturally erect. This period of time to 2-3 weeks is better.
The second stage: continue to sexual intercourse as a prerequisite, but deeper than the first stage, in the kiss, hug, touch, you can find the best sensitive areas of sensitive areas, such as men's penis, penis, penis Coronary sulcus, etc., to carry out appropriate stimulation, stimulate the penis erection. This stage is also more than 2 weeks is appropriate.
The third stage: the second stage of training on the basis of repeated, the penis should have been able to successfully erection. And can maintain a certain erection between the two sides continue to caress, there is anxious to put the penis into the vagina and from time to time have a sense of pleasure climax of premonition. At this point, should be used squeeze method, that is, his wife with the thumb on the opposite side of the penis head, a little hard squeeze oppression 3-4 seconds, then buckle suddenly relaxed, so several times Ejaculation Feeling will disappear. And then start to stimulate the penis, while several times to stimulate and squeeze, can prevent orgasm and ejaculation occur, control several times to stimulate and squeeze, can prevent orgasm and ejaculation occurs, control and prolong the penile erection time. This stage also need about 2 weeks.
The fourth stage: after the above three stages of gradual drought and training, and in the squeeze method to achieve a longer time to control the penis erection, you can naturally transition to vaginal sexual intercourse. This stage of the request for sexual intercourse when the male under the female position, the woman can take the initiative to pelvic movement for men and women reproductive friction, but not strong, the frequency should not be too fast. male Should focus attention, once the ejaculation premonition, that is, take the initiative to greet the woman to stop the movement, and pull out the penis for squeeze, to prevent ejaculation occurred. So repeated training. This stage is also 2 weeks is appropriate.
The fifth stage: after the fourth stage of training, the penis can be maintained for a long time, and can control the ejaculation several times, both sides of the excitement can be extremely high, you can naturally enter the fifth stage of normal sexual intercourse, men can also Gradually changed to the upper position.
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