How to make yourself a “tough guy”

The same time as the above- Sex treatment The theoretical model
1. The theory of new therapy is Kaplan and so on in the mid-70s, she put the psychological treatment and behavioral therapy organically combined to treat the patient's sexual symptom For the purpose of dealing with these problems through psychological treatment when the inner conflict becomes an insurmountable disorder of sexual treatment. So that most patients do not have to be through the lengthy psychological treatment can be cured. For those who have serious psychological barriers, through active psychological treatment can also make their condition to ease or control.
2. The theory of psychoanalysis is Freud, the theory that sexual function problems are caused by the unconscious inner conflict, only the psychological analysis to expose and solve them.

3. Behavioral therapy is advocated by Masters and Johnson in the late 1960s. It is based on behavioral doctrine and learning theory. The key is to correct the mistakes of the past through sexual re-education, to establish and develop new health The way of sexual activity.
The same time as the above- The concept of sexual treatment
In Impotence In the treatment, one of the first concepts that should be made clear to the patient is that human sexual activity should be seen as a natural instinct that human sexual reflexes such as erections are innate, born baby even fetus There is already erectile reflex, but sexual behavior is the result of acquired learning. The ability of human sexual behavior is susceptible to various biological and non-biological factors. Therefore, the key to sexual treatment is to make people adapt to this natural, so as to overcome all kinds of psychological barriers, handled properly, often get unexpected results.

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