Conditioning endocrine is the key to the treatment of impotence

The same time as the above- clinical Often use the following drugs treatment :
(1) 200 mg of tocopherol acetate, 3 times a day, orally.
(2) given to patients with psychotic impotence male Hormone therapy, and sometimes can enhance its erectile capacity, but often make sexual desire increased significantly, and sexual intercourse ability to improve little, but cause anxiety, should pay attention. Psychotic impotence can be a small dose of stabilizing drugs, vitamin B family, vitamin E, as well as Chinese medicine antler essence, gold plaque kidney qi nine, Liu Wei Huang nine, five sub-Yan Zong pills and so on.

(3) testosterone propionate 25 mg, intramuscular injection every other day, once every 5 to 7 times. Can not be used for a long time.
(4) chorionic gonadotropin 500 to 1000 units, every 3 days intramuscular injection 1, once every 3 to 4 weeks. beneficial to Ejaculation , But there are side effects of palpitations.
Endocrine treatment of impotence, to master the course of treatment, can not use the dose is too large or too long, so as not to disturb the normal body of hormone secretion.

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