Will lead to impotence of several drugs

As far as is known, can cause ED of more than 40 kinds of drugs. Drug caused Sexual dysfunction The mechanism is very complex, but the common is the impact of hormone secretion and metabolism. There are about the following types of drugs that affect sexual function:
The same time as the above- Antihypertensive drugs
This is the effect male Sexual function of the common drugs. Antihypertensive patients have 25% of the ED, not medication health Only 7% of ED. In addition, 25% of those who took antihypertensive drugs appeared Ejaculation obstacle. Reserpine, columbine are right nerve System caused by the impact, eventually leading to ED.
The same time as the above- Sedative medicine
Large doses of stability directly on the edge of the brain system has a specific role, directly reduce or enhance sexual function. Stability and other relaxation of muscle effects, can cause loss of appetite and ED.
The same time as the above- anti- Mental illness drug
Some drugs to the seminal capsule, including osteoporosis, ejaculation capacity decline, some drugs can lead to decreased testosterone levels, sperm Generate obstacles. Antidepressant amitriptyline, doxual equality can make the penis corpus cavernosum subsided, delayed and delayed, so someone use this treatment Premature ejaculation , But a large number of long-term use, resulting in the general contraction of the blood vessels will make penile erection weakness, leading to ED.
The same time as the above- Hormones
Estrogen: clinically used in the treatment of benign prostate Hyperplasia, these patients will appear breast hyperplasia, beard growth reduction and slow down, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, semen reduction and other obvious side effects.
Adrenal cortical hormones, such as prednisone, dexamethasone, are used to treat immune infertility with anti-sperm antibodies to inhibit the immune response of patients, but when the daily dose of 20 mg, you can appear sexual dysfunction disease. In addition, long-term use of such drugs, but also induced diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and so on.
Testosterone: testosterone has been as "rejuvenation" of sex hormones and all the rage, but some ED patients to play a few pins after the effect, they blindly abuse, the results but worse. This is because a large number of foreign testosterone inhibited the pituitary and testicular endocrine function, so that endogenous testosterone secretion decreased, especially those who are impotant patients with impotence is not the lack of testosterone, after treatment, but interfere with the normal metabolism and endocrine function.
Ciprofloxacin: is a synthetic steroid with anti-androgenic activity and plays a competitive inhibitory role in androgen target organs. Medication can lead to reproductive endocrine axis system disorders, about a week can be seen loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and other symptoms.

The same time as the above- Diuretic drugs
Such as spironolactone, is an aldosterone drug resistance, it can inhibit the activity of testosterone synthase, testosterone synthesis decreased blood levels decreased. It can make 20% of men with loss of libido. Another diuretic drugs can make the body potassium loss, serum potassium concentration decreased, so that neuromuscular sensitivity decreased, vascular smooth muscle relaxation, can lead to reduced penile erection.
The same time as the above-

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