Men are impatient psychological trouble!

The same time as the above- Impotence Men are familiar with the mentality of worry, anxious, regret, low self-esteem, anger, etc., excerpts are as follows:
"I can not do that soon after my wife died."
"I can not satisfy her because I'm too fat."
"I am so ugly, tall and short, and she does not fit."
"My body is too heavy to scare her."
"She will laugh at my penis so short."
"She does not love me, looks down on me, but treats me as a sex machine."
"The last failure, this time do not work."
"I'm afraid I can not erect it."
"I'm afraid I can only erect for a while."
"I'm afraid I'm not satisfied."
"I'll hurt her."
"Neighbors will hear."
"In case she is pregnant can not, and can not have children do not dare to do abortion"
"Will not have it Sexually transmitted diseases The "
"People are sexually impractical."
"Let her father and mother scold."
"Maybe she agreed to marry me was a mistake."
"No one will love me."

"This will be the same as before Premature ejaculation The "
"I am masturbating in secondary school, and now it is reported."
There is also a situation that is too high: "I want to let her know how a real man is powerful." "I want to make her honest." "I want to give her the most intense sexual pleasure." "I want to give She had the best experience to make up for the cracks between us.

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