“Do not hold” because it is not fresh?

The second year of the Department of Architecture students to fly to my male clinic, feeling depressed to tell me that he felt suffering Impotence , I listened to his statement is not at all, because the young people to see this doctor said he was suffering from impotence and the actual situation is not the case, but each person will have a different story behind. There is no girlfriend, and no sexual life experience, but he found that the hardness of the penis erection compared with the previous reduced, in the past when the sexual impulse penile erection, the glans and penis body full of poisoning, but now It is different, the glans do not seem to congestion. So he felt very frightened and more convinced that he was suffering from impotence. I told him that this is not suffering from impotence, is a normal physiological reflection process, as often farmer farmers, his hands will have a thick calluses, which is the result of long-term labor, but also their own protective results, This can prevent labor injuries. On the contrary a person who does not often work, and occasionally dry farmer, hands will be played blister The The reason is the same, with age, glans exposed, due to regular and underwear friction, the sensitivity of the glans reduced. But if there is a strong and sustained sexual stimulation, the glans will be like swelling and swelling. So all this is not sick, do not worry too much. This case of "lifting is not strong" is manifested in the glans hyperemia, is a normal physiological response.
Zhao Mingliang is the name of the cadres, after marriage to Child Late, body fat, readme recent impotence, in his words is "one battle on the gun", because the wife after pregnancy to raise children in the process of little sex life. And other sexual intercourse returned to normal, but found that penis erection is not strong, but the penis can still be inserted into the vagina, this situation is due to insufficient amount of penile congestion caused by the general penis congestion to 60-70%, if the skills are skilled, then Insert the vagina. Like Mr. Zhao does not belong to impotence, but in middle age male This situation is more common, is due to lack of freshness caused by sexual life, not ill-conditioned, and its psychological factors are more accurate. Analysis of Mr. Zhao's case found that sex life will be arranged in the weekend, the position also rarely changed, continued, lack of innovation, naturally, on the matter of the matter. This is the root cause of an erection. Should be accompanied by their own, with the desire to make, do not subject to time, place restrictions, and often change the position, increase the freshness, will improve the penile erection hardness, improve sexual quality of life. (Editor: Xiao Jian Jian Jia)

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