How can a man have a perfect “hard” degree?

According to the Sexual Life Survey of the Renmin University of China, only 27.1% of the couples in China are very satisfied with their sexual life, 62.1% are satisfied, 10.8% are less satisfied or dissatisfied. China's husband and wife have very deep feelings of 44% to 48%, but only 23% to 27% of human life is very satisfied or comfortable. And all this, are closely related with the "hard" degree! Many of them believe that "erection hardness" is the key to the quality of life. Better erection will have a better sex, and it is precisely the most difficult to be satisfied in life.
"Hard" is the source of happiness, is a harmonious guarantee, is the emotional "lubricant" ... ... rolling red, mortal beings, men and women are all the pursuit of high quality sex life, so men pursue "hard", longing for "hard"; It is longing for "hard", call "hard". Not "hard" too much harm, the consequences are terrible. The results show that "not hard" the main consequences are: first lead to each other's complaints, affecting the feelings of husband and wife; protracted, it will lead to each other "red apricot", find another "hard"; the last may lead to husband and wife, family The data show that in the city, 1/3 of the divorce case and (ED) is directly related.
"Hard" up to sexual blessing
Experts believe that the erection hardness is "perfect lover's poem", enough "hard" is an important factor in the maintenance of husband and wife. So, how can we make themselves "hard" up? Experts pointed out that, male If you want to have "perfect hardness", should start from the following aspects:
First, to maintain a good living habits, to maintain physical and mental pleasure. Change the bad way of life, away from alcohol and tobacco, regular life. Often communicate with his wife to relieve stress. Strengthen the movement, enhance physical fitness.
Second, a reasonable diet. Sexual life can be happy, mainly depends on men, so men should pay attention to diet balance, to ensure that vitamins, minerals and trace elements of the normal intake, correct nutrition or excess, which is to keep you "hardness" and fully enjoy the "sex" One of the necessities of life is in advance.
Three is to ensure that the body health The diabetes Wait disease Will lead to Sexual dysfunction , So the male friends should be a regular year to go hospital Experience, so sick and timely treatment ; Pay attention to the impact of drugs on sexual health, taking a variety of drugs to comply with doctor's advice, to avoid drug abuse.

Fourth, in the work to pay attention to work and rest. Often work day and night, over time, will lead to memory loss, muscle soreness, dizziness, headache, sleep disorders, irritability, irritability, nerve Weakness, etc., seriously affect the quality of sex.
Five is when you encounter sexual dysfunction, should be timely medical treatment.
Of course, in addition, the husband should pay attention to the soul of the "love" of the exchange, such as timely hugging, kissing and caressing companion, sweet talk and understanding of the feelings of the companion to reach orgasm, after all, good foreplay and play better Let the other half feel happy. In this way, not only can enhance the quality of life, have a better sex life, but also make the relationship between each other more sweet.

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