In vitro ejaculation will lead to infertility

Mr. Wang diagnosed because of fertility problems, he said that when the wedding did not intend to have children, with a contraceptive contraceptive feeling very bad, his wife took a greater response to contraceptives, so had to use the method of contraception in vitro fertilization. Married for five years, basically has been using this method. The last year to want a child, but he was suffering from erectile and not Ejaculation disease.
In vitro fertilization method seems simple, but long-term use of this method not only can not guarantee the contraceptive effect, but also cause a series of disease The Men in the whole process of sexual life, the sexual response is completed under the control of the cerebral cortex. Sexual intercourse in the physical and psychological stimulation, will cause a series of changes, and a high degree of excitement will make mental stress, heart rate, blood pressure and so on. At the same time, the reproductive organs of the penile blood vessel congestion and muscle contraction and erection, if at this time suddenly interrupted sexual intercourse, a lot of hope, will inevitably have adverse effects on sexual psychology, over time, prone to sexual nerve Weak, cause Premature ejaculation , Impotence Etc .; sexual excitement forced to withdraw from the penis, will make the central nervous system and lumbosacral ejaculation center dysfunction, a long time, easy to suffer from functional non-ejaculation.
In vitro fertilization This unscientific contraceptive method can often cause the gap between husband and wife. Forced intercourse intercourse, in vitro fertilization, the woman at this time has not yet been satisfied, and the man is exhausted, the woman's sexual psychology was suppressed, the long run, may lead to the woman's sexual chill.

In actual life, many husbands in the application of in vitro fertilization at the same time, often have "no attempt to" experience. That is, in the process of sexual intercourse, there is ejaculation feel, suddenly stop sexual intercourse. For the harmony of husband and wife sex life, most of the married men in life are groping and accumulated their own sexual skills and sexual experience, appropriate control of ejaculation time, to wait for the arrival of women orgasm, this approach is generally no harm to the body. In addition, in the non-safety phase of the same room, in order to avoid his wife pregnant and "no fight", a month so few times, generally there will be no bad consequences. But anything has a degree, too many "no fight", the body has a certain harm.
Normal sexual intercourse, men after ejaculation reproductive system and pelvic congestion quickly subsided: and ejaculation before the sudden stop, so that the entire reproductive system and pelvic congestion can not quickly subsided, the cerebral cortex for a long time in a state of tension can not be calm, prostate , With gonads do not emptying, these are extremely unfavorable to the body. At the same time, people are excited for a long time, can not get a good rest.
In view of this, in vitro fertilization can only be used as an expedient occasionally, not as a long-term contraceptive measures.

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