Men’s hardness can cure it?

On the hardness of men, "four" assessment criteria for the reasons for men's hardness of the "four" assessment standards related knowledge. In Mr. Yang view, men on the top of the day, in the sex life also occupy the dominant position. One day found himself "no", and he felt that they are out of the price, especially no face. Can really let him go hospital an examination , Mr. Yang is hesitant again and again, or chose to give up: I am also fast 50, not sooner or later things; say, this can be cured? Expert analysis: should tell each are hesitant to not treatment The erection is not strong male : Whether it is heart or organic disease Resulting in erection hardness problems, almost 100% can improve. The same time as the above- If the male found himself "no", the first need to diagnose is not a problem with the erection, what is the cause. If it is because of the previous adverse experience caused by heart due to erectile dysfunction, it can be treated with oral medication at the same time, psychological counseling. This situation is not strong erection, 100% can be cured. If it is caused by other diseases, that with oral medication can also significantly improve the erection state. The same time as the above- Oral drugs are present clinical Widely used, can significantly improve the treatment of erectile stiffness. Data show that taking 50 mg of sildenafil, allowing 58% of men from grade 3 hardness to level 4; if taking 100 mg, this ratio can rise to 76%. Even if the penis is only swollen, there is no stand in the first grade, taking 100 milligrams of sildenafil, and 62% of people can re-have the fourth level of hardness. US surveys show that 52% of men are willing to continue taking the drug because sildenafil can significantly improve erections, and their compliance is better. So, this has become a European and American men respected treatment. (Editor: Xiao Jian Jian Jia)

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