Husband impotence wife with love

As a partner in life, the wife will be the first to see her husband's subtle changes. At this time, his wife to rationally deal with her husband's problems, it is necessary to pay full attention, nor too exaggerated, adjust the mentality, try and love together to solve.
Suffering from the husband of ED every sex life, the psychological will have a certain degree of tension. Poor mental factors will further induce ED, while increasing this anxiety, the formation of a vicious circle. So his wife must first overcome their inner uneasiness, take the initiative to understand her husband's feelings and needs, understanding her husband's difficulties. The wife may wish to take the initiative to discuss with her husband to solve the problem the right way. Sometimes, in order to avoid her husband's embarrassment, his wife can quietly to the major hospital Doctor or male health Advice hotline advice treatment Of the way, for her husband to play before the station, it may well be a good way.
Often, the wife should know what will happen in the hospital an examination , To "be aware of" in order to help her husband to eliminate concerns. In the hospital, ED patients usually do the following checks: self-examination and spouse observation, can distinguish between psychological and organic erectile dysfunction. Mental erectile dysfunction is mild, organic degree of severe erectile dysfunction, often at any time will not erection. The diagnosis of the penile night erection, if the instrument is used, is expensive, and because of a sleep environment, sleep will be affected, will also affect the correctness of the test results. In fact, through the patient self-examination, spouse to help observe, usually can be clear. You can also do a special examination, including (1) a blood test to detect sex hormone levels, you can determine whether there is endocrine dysfunction. (2) do the whole body and sex organs nerve System function check to determine whether there are neurological factors caused by erectile dysfunction. (3) Doppler B-type ultrasound penile blood flow measurement, penile corpus cavernosum vasoactive drug injection and other tests to determine the existence of vascular problems.

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