Condom can cure mild impotence?

Now there are 1 million in China AIDS People, if not well controlled, may have to reach 10 million people, and to face so many AIDS, the state to pay the social costs may be hundreds of billions. Thus condom engineering, not only can be protected male of health , Will also have a profound impact on the country's economy. He said that after media propaganda, some people may have a new understanding of things about condom settings such as entertainment, which will help protect men's health and benefit the country.
For some cities at home and abroad, in some entertainment venues set condoms, and forced the implementation of 100% condom, experts told reporters that because the condom is not just the role of contraception, condoms greater role in the fight against AIDS and other Sexually transmitted diseases The
The same time as the above- Condom pair early Impotence effective
Experts say men have to face the pressure of social stress is much higher than the family pressure female , Under these pressures, often cause its male disease to produce. Therefore, the promotion of condoms, in this regard, has a particularly important significance for male health, at least from clinical Point of view, condoms on the initial impaired patients with impotence, it is very effective. Therefore, to develop the habit of using condoms for men.
What is "male science"
"Male science" is a multidisciplinary branch of medicine. It is specialized in studying male (male) reproductive system physiology, pathophysiology and treatment Science and the regulation of maternal fertility (birth control and support).

The connotation of "male science" research includes epididymis and sperm maturation, testicular and spermatogenesis, androgenic effects, reproductive system nerve Endocrine regulation, germ cell and stem cell engineering, reproductive health (including racial differences, environmental pollution, etc.), erectile dysfunction, fertility regulation (birth control and child support), prostate (Inflammation, hypertrophy, cancer), reproductive system infection (including AIDS, etc.), aging (mechanism, changes in the body, etc.) 11 major projects.
The word "male science" was seen in the American Medical Association magazine in 1891, but has not been paid attention, only in the last 30 years to gradually become an independent discipline, and in some countries the rapid development. China's male science began to study with the international synchronization, the first batch of papers published in 1972 for the domestic work of anti-sesame gossypol, and in 1980 published in the British clinical pharmacology and treatment monographs. Soon our researchers also found anti-fertility effects of Tripterygium monkeys. Although the two drugs because of some side effects have not yet put into clinical application, but effectively promoted the development of male science in China, and in the international community have a great impact.
In 1979, the World Health Organization (WHO), which had not made much progress in its research on male science, wanted to abolish its "Men's Day Board", which was saved by researchers in our country, and the World Health Organization began to absorb our experts. The activities of the committee.

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