Experience Talk: Treat Impotence to do so

That was 20 years ago. Mr. people are more introverted, few words, although the work of that era is busy and tired, but back home, the husband and wife are always loving plus. One night, when we were enthusiastic to prepare for the affectionate, who knows he suddenly like a leaky ball like "deflated" the. "How to engage in ... ... hey, forget, forget, do not come ... ..." In the face of this King, Mr. grumbling to himself, like a wrong child, like a trance to look at me The See, his emotions are terrible. Face the sudden situation, I suddenly shocked: why so? At this time, my first reaction to think of the relevant information on the occurrence Impotence Use psychological treatment The advice. So, I secretly warned myself must not be impatient, not because of their own uneasy look so that Mr. feel uncomfortable, so as not to leave a shadow in his heart, and once the formation of habits, then there is no "sex" at all. Understand these, I pretend to have nothing to do before the first to stabilize his emotions, let him quiet down, a good rest, all tomorrow to say. In the next few days, he repeated a similar situation. I am not angry, no ridicule, or even little bit of blame, but with him to analyze the reasons: What is the work of the problem? Is the body uncomfortable? Or suddenly think of what unpleasant things? While advising him not to worry, while his gentle all the way, with sincere love to comfort, caress him. A month later, he had miraculously restored the air. After that I learned that the reason is actually in his and colleagues in the work of misunderstanding, honestly because he is not good at the argument and the grievances spread to their own. Now, is more than 50 years old, mention that experience, Mr. has been obsessed with the reason I was "cold". Now think about the situation at that time, if I do not have a little calm mind and attitude, just complain, or I do not use sincere love to soothe him, but let its development, then, Mr. is likely to become impotence. To that time lost, not only the man of the man "dignity", more our husband and wife "sex" life, maybe the development down, the situation will be even worse! Now often heard someone say: "In fact, there are many young people, not do not understand, but not really to nurture, but did not pay a sincere love, so when the problem comes, Be at a loss Sex, similar to the couple we have experienced a lot of experience. But I firmly believe that: whenever you pay the true and true love of the "sex" of the flowers will never "wither". (Editor: Fan Mo Yun)

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