shock! Excessive drinking caused by impotence

Patients nine months ago, just feel the penis erection strength, complete sexual intercourse short time, and now the penis almost no erection. Asked, tell the night or morning to get up before the spontaneous erection is also very little, it seems a lot of problems. And accompanied by dizziness, tinnitus, no blonde, sleep more sleepy dream , When the limb numbness, or see the joint Jiedu adverse. Vision also felt a lot of decline. Look at the nails, then some dry white, pale white fur, pulse string weak. From these clinical Information analysis, the patient's Impotence Is indeed excessive drinking, injury to the liver, causing liver blood weak, tendon dystrophy caused. Governance law when the blood from the liver atrophy. Medication for 15 days. Taking into account the patient liver damage heavier, told the same time taking the preparation - Hepatitis B Good, to facilitate the recovery of liver. Patients after serving 15 doses, although the impotence has not been improved, but the other aspects of the body has been significantly improved. So, plus service Longxing capsule for 60 days, and continue to serve hepatitis B good. Two and a half months later, the patient has basically restored sexual function. In order to ensure the stability of efficacy, Zhu Huanzhe continued to take the Spleen pills and hepatitis B for at least 2 months, and from the best no longer excessive drinking. It is worth noting that the toxic effects of alcohol on the liver, although well known, but for its caused by sexual dysfunction and sperm Quality problems, but attention to inadequate, especially the harm of excessive drinking even greater. Many alcoholics who appear impotence or infertility is not surprising. Therefore, this case also fully illustrates the "disease from the mouth" of the truth. (Editor: Fan Mo Yun)

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