How to deal with difficulties? 6 coups can refresh you

In spring and summer, people often fall into a kind of want go to bed The feeling is better for the elderly, but it is easy for office workers and students to influence everyday life or work. Then, how can we prevent difficulties and look at them together?

What to do if you are trapped

How to do it?

The first move: breakfast to eat

Eating is the most important thing. Whether it is because something is too busy or you cannot cook your own meals, you must ask yourself to eat. Especially for people who are easily sleepy, breakfast must be eaten. It is not just a meal. Simple, it provides you with a source of energy throughout the day, eating health The breakfast can make you physically motivated, and the spirit is more concentrated, so that you can stick to lunch and then stick to the evening. If you want to avoid being trapped, eat well and have a balanced diet.

The second measure: eat strawberries

How many fruits, why choose to eat strawberries prevention Drowsiness? Of course it makes sense, or why not choose apples, pears or other fruits? This is because besides strawberry is a kind of fruit with more suitable sweetness, it is also rich in vitamins, and proper consumption can regulate mood, so that it is better for the overall work or learning mood, and it is quite helpful to prevent it. Children, especially children, are people who are more severely trapped. Strawberries are more suitable for them to solve difficulties!

The third measure: Drink tea to solve difficulties

This move is more suitable for the work of the crowd, of course, do not need to drink tea like the elders drink like tea before they can achieve the role of relief, just drink some tea can help everyone refreshing. For example, teas such as chrysanthemum tea and rose tea are all suitable for office workers to solve difficulties. At the same time, they can also allow everyone to better participate in the work situation and facilitate the development of work. It is recommended that everyone try to prevent drudgery and really try to drink it. Tea this way, may wish to follow together to understand it!

What to do if you are trapped

The fourth measure: enough time to sleep

Actually, this is the fundamental problem. Many times it will be a crowd of people who are struggling. Xiao Bian doesn't believe that you are resting very early. They are usually those who stay up late or sleep very late. They do not meet the normal rest time. The next day will inevitably use office workers to sleep for a while, of course, the working environment also makes it difficult for these people to control the trapped, it is recommended that everyone must have enough sleep time!

The fifth measure: keep the face refreshing

The normal tiredness will be reflected in the face. If conditions allow, you should wash your face properly, wash your face with water in the bathroom, so that it will not be so greasy and get rid of exhaustion, so that you can properly eliminate the feeling of drowsiness , You can also properly adjust the mood, perhaps to ease the mood, quite calm down, help the brain to wake up, very suitable for everyone to do.

Sixth trick: often walking

Difficulty is also a large part of the reason is because of long sedentary, plus the work has been kept, put a great burden on the body and mind, if appropriate to move, breathe under the fresh air and relax the mood, this time back to the working seat When you come up, then everyone will be a lot easier and you can join the next job in a better state and avoid being trapped.

What to do if you are trapped

Drowsiness What to eat Refreshing

1, flat peach kernel

Many refreshing snacks have almonds. According to a study in Nutrients magazine, almonds are one of the most nutritious nuts. Almond is rich in vitamin E and magnesium, as well as many proteins that can help you stay active throughout the day.

2. Salmon

Fish is rich in protein and amino acids and it is refreshing effect , especially the fish skin of deep-sea fish such as salmon and squid, contains amino acids, tryptophan and other substances, can relieve nerve The role to relieve depression.

3, cauliflower

Cauliflower is a good group of B vitamins, in which vitamin B1 helps to improve the mental state. People with a constant nervousness especially need it. Vitamin B2 and B6 also help to relieve fatigue and refreshment. Vitamins B6 plays a regulatory role in the metabolism of proteins. It contributes to the production of energy and makes people feel energetic. It is called a refreshing nutrient.

4, Shannon

Citron is rich in vegetable protein, glycine, glutamic acid content of the highest in vegetables, helps to improve the nervous system excitability, enhance the body's stress. Eating citrons can eliminate spring storms, release toxins, and boost energy. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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