How to deal with male hair loss 6 ways to treat

The Hair loss How to do? Have the right governance male Hair loss method. The following Xiao Bian will sum up treatment An effective method for hair loss in men.

How to deal with hair loss Hair loss treatment What are the causes of hair loss?

Treatment of male hair loss

I. Maintain an optimistic attitude

Modern people are under stressful work, learning to be nervous, and using their brains too often, easily and easily sadly, and these often cause hair loss. People use their brains excessively, or they often have a lot of difficulties and irritations, or they have something to do. The spirit is too tight, which makes the brain very stimulated and sometimes affects the supply and growth of hair nutrition. Because all the activities of the human body are brains, the brain is stimulated and the movements are chaotic. They cannot function normally. It is necessary to stimulate the body's nutrition and cause hair loss. How to deal with hair loss? Therefore, it is suggested that everyone should maintain an optimistic and peaceful attitude in peacetime work and learning. When things are not agitated, work and study should be combined with work and rest.

Second, proper exercise to ensure sleep

Exercise helps to relieve stress and improve immunity, and adequate sleep can promote skin And the normal hair metabolism, and the main metabolic period occurs in the evening, especially between 10 pm to 2 am, this period of time is enough sleep, you can make the normal hair metabolism. Conversely, loss of hair metabolism and loss of hair can cause hair loss. Suggestion: Try to sleep no less than 6 hours a day and develop a regular sleep habit.

Third, a reasonable diet is very important

For hair loss people, reasonably supplement the following food It is very important:

1. Add iron. People who often have hair loss often have iron deficiency. Iron-rich foods include soybeans, black beans, eggs, octopus, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, squid, bananas, carrots, potatoes and so on.

2. Supplement vegetable protein. Dry hair, split ends, eat more soy, black sesame, corn, etc. food .

3. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits that contain alkaline substances. One of the causes of hair loss and yellowing of the hair is due to acid toxins in the blood. This is due to physical and mental fatigue, long-term over-eating of pure sugars and fatty foods, and production of acid toxins in the body's metabolism. Acids in foods such as livers, meats, and onions tend to cause excessive toxins in the blood, so eat less.

How to deal with hair loss Hair loss treatment What are the causes of hair loss?

Fourth, try to avoid hair damage to the environment

Glare, dirty air, chemical toxins, hair dyes, etc. will cause great damage to the hair, destroy the growth environment of the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss, so try to avoid.

Five, wash your hair and comb your hair

Each morning and evening combing hundreds of times, can stimulate the scalp and improve ventilation between hair. Since the scalp is a place that is prone to sweating, diligent shampooing and combing helps prevent baldness and dandruff.

The 6. Be confident in treating hair loss and maintain a positive attitude

With the development of science and technology, some advanced methods for treating hair loss have been put into practical use, and products such as Lianpai Essence and other advanced hair loss treatments have emerged. clinical , And has achieved amazing results, I believe that with the further in-depth understanding of the pathology of hair loss, humans will eventually be able to completely overcome this global problem of hair loss!

How to deal with hair loss Hair loss treatment What are the causes of hair loss?

What are the causes of male hair loss?

Love meat

The living conditions of modern people are getting better and better, and almost every day in Tonton has meat, but if the amount of meat eaten per meal exceeds a certain standard, it will have a certain impact on the body. A lot of meat, or drink a little wine, this can easily lead to disorders of body fat metabolism, make the body produce a lot of cholesterol, it is very easy to cause seborrheic alopecia.

2. Love night

People nowadays have more and more rich lifestyles and stay awake for long periods of time. Or some students and office workers affected by competitive pressures often work and study day and night. Long-term stay up all night is not beneficial to the body, it will lead to endocrine disorders, male body will produce a large number of androgens, these androgens will increase the secretion of the head oil, damage the scalp hair follicles, and finally hair follicle shrinkage phenomenon The hair is very easy to fall off.

3. Love hairdressing

Perm hair is not female In patents, men nowadays often dye their hair. In the process of dyeing hair, chemical agents in hair dyes and high temperatures during perming can cause direct damage to the hair and scalp, resulting in hair loss. (Reference website: Seek medical advice)

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