These three are the causes of excessive ejaculation

The male Sexual dysfunction in, Ejaculation Being too fast is the most widespread victim and the most harmful one. It not only causes men to lose the dignity of men in sex, but also causes severe cases. Infertility In addition, in the long-term, it will also affect the marital relationship, and even lead to family breakdown. Therefore, male friends must pay sufficient attention to this, then what causes the ejaculation too fast?

What are the reasons for ejaculation? What are the causes of ejaculation? How does ejaculation go too fast?

The Causes of ejaculation too fast

1, psychological factors

Long-term sexual indulgence, excessive eroticism, excessive frequency of masturbation, emotional stress, and excitement cause increased cortical central nervous excitement and increased excitability of the spinal ejaculation center. Premature ejaculation . Nervous psychology forms a habit of rapid ejaculation, and even afterwards, in a more relaxed sex life, they cannot change the established ejaculation mode, but ejaculation is too fast for a long time.

2, the quality Sexually transmitted diseases Variable factors

Some organic diseases can easily cause premature ejaculation, such as urethritis, prostate Stimulation of inflammation such as inflammation, seminal vesiculitis, and zygomatic inflammation reduces the excitability of the ejaculation center, making it easier to erect and ejaculate faster.

What are the reasons for ejaculation? What are the causes of ejaculation? How does ejaculation go too fast?

3, local stimuli

The penis prepuce is too long, the underpants are too tight to stimulate the penis head glans, or sexual excitement is caused by watching novels, movie videos, often premature ejaculation.

How to do ejaculation too fast

First, behavioral therapy

There are many behavioral therapies available to men who have too much ejaculation, including: 1. Kissing, stroking and other atmospheres before sexual intercourse. female Advance into orgasm on a sexual day. 2, in the process of sex can be inserted for a while to stop for a while, or in a sense of ejaculation before pulling out for a while, you can also press the position under the glans to interrupt sympathy nerve . 3, wearing a condom: wearing a condom can reduce the sensitivity of the penis and glans, and then useful to extend ejaculation time.

What are the reasons for ejaculation? What are the causes of ejaculation? How does ejaculation go too fast?

Second, energy therapy

Males who appear to have too fast ejaculation should not be too serious. symptom The more severe, you should adjust your breathing during normal days, and take more deep breaths to ease the serious and anxious atmosphere. If the patient has a serious condition due to the factors of the mind, it is best to perform energy-thinking therapy under the guidance of a professional doctor. The husband and wife must also communicate on both sides so that they can understand each other and understand each other so that the family has a good atmosphere.

Third, drug therapy

For patients with excessive ejaculation, there are many options for medical treatment. However, in order not to use long-term impotence and extend ejaculation at the time of treatment, it is advisable to take traditional Chinese medicine to regulate physical fitness. Fundamentally relieve the symptoms. During treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, acupoint massage therapy can also be used to improve healing speed. (Reference website: China Health Network)

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