What is the cause of excessive ejaculation? The 5 most common

In sex, the most sad thing for men is that ejaculation is too fast and premature. Once this happens, many male You feel like you may have Premature ejaculation , and even think that they are abolished. Indeed, excessive ejaculation is a big accomplice affecting sexual life. What is the cause of male ejaculation too fast? How should it be? prevention What?

What are the reasons for ejaculation? What are the causes of ejaculation? How does ejaculation go too fast?

What is caused by excessive ejaculation?

1. The influence of bad habits

Some men are overly fond of long-term indulgence Masturbation Or if you look at some yellow movies, it will easily lead to increased cortical central excitement, and the excitability of the spinal ejaculation center will increase. Ejaculation too fast phenomenon.

2. Influence of mental factors

According to information, the first sexual intercourse before marriage is often carried out in an environment that is afraid of being discovered. Therefore, the intense mentality forms a habit of rapid ejaculation. Later, even in a looser sex life, it cannot change the established ejaculation method. Failure of sexual life will also have a negative effect, causing a psychological vicious circle of patients.

What are the reasons for ejaculation? What are the causes of ejaculation? How does ejaculation go too fast?

3 caused by too few sexual intercourse

The Why is ejaculation too fast? ? This situation is more common in the first-time delivery of young men, lack of sexual partners in the long-term, and husbands and wives do not have sex opportunities because they have separated for a longer period because of illness. Due to the small number of sexual intercourses, sexual excitement may be caused by sexual intercourse.

4. Caused by organic factors

Local sensitivity increases due to organic factors. This condition is found in some men with a shorter penis tie; it may also be due to congenital malformations of the external genitalia, inflammation of the glans or prepuce, urethritis, penile inflammation, epididymitis, chronic prostate Inflammation etc. Sexually transmitted diseases Change, so that the male ejaculation center excitability decreased, easier to erect premature ejaculation.

5. Other factors

Male foreskin may be too long or phimosis due to glans nerve Excessively delicate and sensitive triggers premature ejaculation; excessive stimulation of the glans, such as tight underpants, can also lead to excessive ejaculation in men.

What are the reasons for ejaculation? What are the causes of ejaculation? How does ejaculation go too fast?

How to prevent ejaculation too fast

1, ease the atmosphere, pay attention to cooperation. Pay attention to the mutual consideration and cooperation between husband and wife. Once they do not ejaculate, they cannot seek each other and complain, but they should find out the reasons and cooperate with each other. treatment .

2, learn knowledge, control sex. Grasping some sexual anatomy and knowledge of married life, knowing and mastering normal sexual intercourse methods and sexual reaction process, it is not appropriate to excessively restrain husband and wife's life. Because too few husband and wife live, it is not conducive to the release of androgens.

3, the law of life, strengthen exercise. Such as Tai Chi, walking, qigong, etc. are all beneficial to self-centeredness. health And spiritual adjustment.

4, ease emotions and build confidence. Pre-coitus emotions have a particularly large impact on the speed of ejaculation. They should avoid anxiety, excitement, and tension. They must establish determination and faith, and cooperate with treatment. (Reference site: Sohu)

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