What are the reasons for Chen Bo? It may be these 4

When the rising sun rises in the morning, the man's penis rises. The woman who sleeps with her will feel it poked on her body. Many women often complain that they wake up every morning even if they do not use the alarm clock. Why do men do Chen Bo? The occurrence of this phenomenon has certain physiological basis.

What are the reasons for Chen Bo? What are the causes of Chen Bo? What factors influence Chen Bo?

The Why did Chen Bo appear?

1, Chen Bohe male Hormonal levels are related

Because of the rest of the night after a night's sleep, the level of male hormones such as testosterone peaked at sunrise, resulting in Chen Bo . Some people think that this is the process of human evolution. The man in the primitive period was also at the moment of sunrise when he went out to hunt and hunt. At this time, the testosterone level of the man is the highest, and the concentration of testosterone is the lowest at sunset. Nature has used this to ensure that men have the opportunity to pass their genes before leaving home, lest he have the opportunity to go home due to an accident on the day, so this is also a power that nature has endowed men with.

2, the reflection of internal organs can also lead to penile erection

The reflexes of internal organs can also cause penile erections, perhaps due to increased intravesical pressure in the early morning filled with urine, thus stimulating the internal organs, causing a subconscious reflexive erection of the penis and compressing the nearby seminal vesicles. Once stimulated nerve Transmission will also lead to a Ejaculation Reaction phenomenon.

What are the reasons for Chen Bo? What are the causes of Chen Bo? What factors influence Chen Bo?

3, penis sponge for liver blood storage

The traditional medicine of the motherland believes that “the liver is the home of the blood.” The volume of blood in the liver when the human body is in sleep is usually several times. We know that the cavernous body of the penis is actually a vascular organ tissue and it can also be used for the liver. Part of the "blood bank blood storage" mission, in this case, of course, it will be bloated due to unknowingly congestion.

4, reflecting the male sexual function

When a man goes deep into sleep, his penis also has an erection condition. This kind of erection usually occurs during the rapid eye movement of the intermittent family name. dream Stage. Penile erection is usually not interfered by psychological factors, and it can actually show the male sexual function. In general, the male surname has three to five erections every night, and the average erection time is 15 minutes, but there are also long ones. Up to 1 hour long. As long as nerves, blood vessels and yin. The structure and function of the corpora cavernosa are normal and there will be an erection phenomenon. So nocturnal erection is a very normal phenomenon for men. Don't worry, and nighttime erections can rejuvenate the penis. Repeated erections deliver more fresh nutrient-rich blood into the penis, just like charging.

What are the reasons for Chen Bo? What are the causes of Chen Bo? What factors influence Chen Bo?

Some factors affecting Chen Bo

1, age: Why is there no Chen Bo ? Age is a determinant of the morning's erection. After sexual maturity, as the age increases, Chen Bo's frequency gradually increases and the duration increases. After age 30, Chen Bo gradually weakens or declines with age. However, some Seniors Although there is no morning Bo, there is still a satisfying sex life.

2, fatigue: excessive fatigue, mental fatigue, will also affect the morning Bo. Men need to feed their families and their pressure is greater than women. Apart from having less rest time, they also need to spend a lot of energy on their lives and work. Men are really "too tired"!

3, mood: excessive grief, depression, etc. can make Chen Bo significantly reduced. The person's life is too short, the happy days are too short, why waste time on negative emotions.

4, sleep: sleep time is sufficient or not, good or bad sleep quality, will affect the level of androgen secretion in different degrees, thus affecting Chen Bo. Modern people have great pressure on their lives and work. Apart from long hours of work, they often stay up late to work overtime. There is no lunch break and the rest time is too little.

5, bad living habits: excessive smoking, drinking, irregular schedule, nighttime sleep, etc., will also affect the morning Bo.

6, food Factors: Donkey meat, fish, leeks, quail and other foods can significantly increase Chen Bo. (Reference site: Sohu)

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